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535) Alley
"Alley" is any highway having a roadway not exceeding _________ feet in width which is primarily used for access to the rear or side entrances of abutting property.



536) Darkness
"Darkness" is any time from one-half hour after _______ to one-half hour before sunrise and any other time when visibility is not sufficient to render clearly discernible any person or vehicle on the highway at a distance of _________ feet.



537) Limit Line A "limit line" is a solid white line not less than _________ nor more than ________ inches wide, extending across a roadway or any portion thereof to indicate the point at which traffic is required to stop in compliance with legal requirements.



538) A "motor-driven cycle" is any motorcycle with a motor that displaces less than _________ cubic centimeters. A motor-driven cycle does not include motorized bicycle, as defined in section 406.



539) Motorized Bicycle or Moped A "motorized bicycle" or "moped" is any two-wheeled or three-wheeled device having fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power, or having no pedals if powered solely by electrical energy, and an automatic transmission and a motor that produces less than two gross brake horsepower and is capable of propelling the device at a maximum speed of not more than ________ miles per hour on level ground, and every bicycle with an electric motor attached of not more than 1000 watts that cannot propel the device more than 20 mph on level ground.



540) Roadway A "roadway" is that portion of a highway improved, designed, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel. A "roadway" does not include the shoulder or _________.



541) "Segway" (Electric personal assistive mobility device (EPAMD)) -An "electric personal assistive mobility device"(EPAMD) is a self- balancing, nontandem two-wheeled device, not greater than 20 inches deep and 25 inches wide, which can turn in place and is designed to transport only one person. It has an electric propulsion system averaging less than 750 watts (1 horsepower), with a maximum speed no greater than _________ miles per hour.



542) Mandatory Appearance - MUST TAKE -Whenever any person is arrested for any violation of the Vehicle Code not declared to be a felony, the arrested person ________ be taken without unnecessary delay before a magistrate within the county in which the offense charged is alleged to have been committed and who has jurisdiction of the offense and is nearest or most accessible with reference to the place where the arrest is made in any of the following cases:
- When the person arrested fails to present his driver's license or other satisfactory evidence of his _____ for examination;
- When the person arrested refuses to give his written promise to _____ in court;
- When the person arrested demands an immediate appearance before a ______;
- When the person arrested is charged with violating Vehicle Code section _____.



543) If the arrested person is taken into custody pursuant to Vehicle Code section _____, subdivision (a), involving the operation of a motor vehicle, the jailer may detain the person, not to exceed ____ hours, to verify his identity.



544) A nonresident is a person who is not a resident of this state. A resident is defined as any person who intends to live in this state on more than a temporary basis. Presence in this state for ____ months or more in any twelve-month period is a rebuttable presumption of residency.



545) Notice of Change of Address -The registered owner of a vehicle must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles within ____ days of a change of address and insert the new address on the registration card.



546) Positioning of Plates Plates must be securely fastened, entirely readable, and not obstructed in any manner, when the vehicle is in use. The rear plate must be 12-60 inches from the ground and the front plate not more than __________ inches from the ground.



547) Vehicle Forfeiture under certain limited circumstances, impoundment and forfeiture of a vehicle, when you determine that it is being driven on a highway by a driver with a suspended or revoked license, or by an unlicensed driver, who is a registered owner of the vehicle at the time of impoundment and who has a prior misdemeanor conviction for
12500, subdivision (a), _____, or 14601.1 through 14601.5 Note that you may not impound a vehicle under the section if the driver's license expired within the preceding _________ days.



548) No vehicle on a highway may play a sound amplification system that can be heard outside the vehicle from _______ or more feet away.



549) Every child under the age of __________ transported upon a highway in a motor vehicle, as defined, must travel in the rear seat secured in a child passenger restraint system that meets applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.



550) Animal Restraints-Except for ranchers and their dogs, it is illegal for a person to transport any animal in the open back of a vehicle unless there are ________ inch-high sides or the animal is cross-tethered, caged, or otherwise unable to fall, jump, or be thrown out.



551) Radar Jamming Devices - It is an infraction (1) for a vehicle to be equipped with any device that can interfere with radar or other electronic means of measuring speed, and (2) for any person to use, buy, sell, possess, or manufacture any such device. Possession of _________ or more such devices is a misdemeanor.



552) Authorized Emergency Vehicles -Upon the immediate approach of an authorized emergency vehicle that is sounding a siren and that has at least one lighted lamp exhibiting red light visible under normal atmospheric conditions from a distance of __________ feet to the front of the vehicle…



553) Residence District -U-turns are allowed except when other vehicle is approaching from either direction within _________ feet.



554) Unobstructed View Necessary for U-Turn- U-turns are prohibited unless the view is unobstructed for a distance of ______ feet. Obstructions can include weather, embankments, hillcrests, curves, parked vehicles, etc.



555) Duration of Signal Any signal of intention to turn right or left shall be given continuously during the last _________ feet traveled by the vehicle before turning.



556) The following vehicles, however, may never be driven more than 55 miles per hour:
(a) A motortruck or truck tractor having three or more axles, or any motortruck or truck tractor drawing any other vehicle.
(b) A passenger vehicle or bus drawing any other vehicle.
(c) A _____ bus transporting any school pupil.
(d) A farm labor vehicle when transporting passengers.
(e) A vehicle transporting _____.
(f) A trailer bus.



557)The speed limit is ____ miles per hour:
- when traversing an uncontrolled railway grade crossing if during the last 100 feet the view is obstructed within 400 feet in either direction;
- when traversing an uncontrolled intersection if during the last 100 feet the view is obstructed within 100 feet in either direction; and
- on any alley.



558) The speed limit is ____ miles per hour:
- in a business or residence district, other than on a state highway, unless another speed is posted; and
- when passing a school building or grounds posted with a school warning sign while children are going to or leaving, or during school hours or the noon recess period. This speed limit also applies if the school is not separated by a fence or barrier from the highway and the grounds are in use by children and a "school" sign is posted.



559) When a peace officer determines that any person was engaged in a speed contest or exhibition of speed as prohibited in Vehicle Code section _____ or committed a violation of Vehicle Code section ______(reckless driving), the officer may immediately arrest the person and may cause the removal and seizure of the motor vehicle used in the commission of the offense. The vehicle may be impounded for up to _________ days.



560) “_____" means with intentional disregard for safety. "__________" means while being conscious (aware) of the conduct, intending to do or omit the act in question, realizing the probable injury to another, and recklessly disregarding the consequences



561) Evading a Peace Officer
"(a) Any person who, while operating a motor vehicle and with the intent to evade, willfully flees or otherwise attempts to elude a pursuing peace officer's motor vehicle, is guilty of a misdemeanor" if:
(1) The peace officer's vehicle exhibits at least one _________ light visible from the front and the person either sees or reasonably should have seen the red light;
(2) The peace officer's vehicle is sounding a ___________;
(3) The peace officer's vehicle is distinctively marked; and
(4) The peace officer who is driving is wearing a distinctive _____.
A driver is also evading a bicycle peace officer if the peace officer's bicycle is distinctively marked, the peace officer is wearing a distinctive uniform, the officer gives a verbal command to stop, sounds a horn of at least 115 decibels, and gives a hand signal to stop and the driver should have been aware of the command to stop but refuses to comply.



562) A driver under the age of ____ years is prohibited from using any mobile service device or wireless telephone while driving, even if the phone is equipped with a hands-free device.



563) When the vehicle (except maintenance or construction equipment) is stopped, parked, or left standing for more than ________ hours on a "freeway," and the driver, if present, cannot move the vehicle under its own power.



564) When the vehicle, other than a rented vehicle, is found on a highway or any public lands, and the vehicle has been issued _________ or more parking citations without response to the agency responsible for processing parking tickets from the owner within _______ calendar days after notice of citation issuance or citation issuance, or ________ calendar days after a notice of delinquent parking.



565) When the vehicle is parked on a highway in violation of local ordinance prohibiting parking, and use of the highway is necessary for cleaning, repair, or construction or placing underground utilities, and signs are erected at least __________ hours prior to removal.



566) When the vehicle has been left standing for more than _____ hours within a roadside rest area or view area.



567) Removal of Vehicle with Sounding Alarm -Upon the complaint of any person, a peace officer may remove a vehicle parked within __________ feet of an occupied school, college or university during normal hours of operation, or a vehicle parked within a residence or business district from a highway or from public or private property if an alarm device or horn has been activated within the vehicle, the peace officer is unable to locate the owner of the vehicle within __________ minutes from the time of arrival at the vehicle's location, and the alarm device or horn has not been silenced prior to removal.



568) Any peace officer (as described in section ______) who has reasonable cause to believe that a motor vehicle on a highway or on private property open to the general public has been involved in a hit-and-run accident may remove the vehicle for the purpose of inspection. The vehicle shall be released after _________ hours upon demand of the owner.



569) When you determine that a person was driving while his or her license was suspended or revoked, or without ever having been issued a license, you may either:
- immediately arrest the driver and have the vehicle impounded for ________ days; or
- if the vehicle was involved in a traffic collision, have it removed and impounded for _________ days without actually arresting the unlicensed driver.