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What is lymph? What are its component?

Interstitial fluid that enters lymphatic system is called lymph

Composed of IF and escaped plasma proteins


What are the essential functions of the lymphatic system?

1. Drain interstitial fluid back to blood
2. Protect against pathogens
3. Absorb/transport lipids


What is the structural hierarchy of the lymphatic system?

Lymphatic capillaries < Lymphatic vessels < Lymph Nodes < Lymphatic Trunks < Lymphatic Ducts < Bloodstream


How are lymphatic capillaries different from regular capillaries?

Lymphatic Capillaries have closed circulation
-beginning (open intracellular cleft) and end (brachiocephalic vein)


How does lymph flow?

No pump.

1. One-way valves
2. Pressure gradient
3. Skeletal muscle pumps
4. Respiratory pumps


What are the various lymphatic trunks? Where are the lymph vessels coming from that form these trunks?

1. Intestinal trunk: viscera of body
2. Rt & Lt lumbar trunk: lower body & lumbar
3. Rt & Lt Bronchomediastinal trunk: Thoracic organs
4. Rt & Lt Subclavian trunk: upper extremities
5. Rt & Lt jugular trunk: Head (not brain)


Where is there NO lymphatic drainage?

Brain. cornea, cartilage


Where do the lymphatic trunks join to drain into the lymphatic ducts?

They each drain to where the jugular and subclavian veins join together


Where do the lymphatic trunks drain into?

The left lymphatic (thoracic) duct and the right lymphatic duct


What is the start of the thoracic duct called?

Cysterna Chyli
-sac like (cistern)


What does each duct drain?

Thoracic (left) Duct
-Larger size b/c it drains everything below diaphragm, left thoracic cavity, left arm and left side of head

Right Lymphatic Duct
-Right thoracic cavity, right arm, and right side of head


What is a lymphoid tissue? What are the types?

contains macrophages and lymphocytes



What are primary lymphoid organs?

Where lymphocytes are made and matured

The bone marrow and thymus


What are secondary lymphoid organs?

Lymphocytes not made there but reside there

The spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils


Are lymphatic nodules organs?

No. Not 2 or more tissue types working together.


What are the capsule, trabeculae, and stroma of the lymph node?

The lymph node is encapsulated and contains extensions inwards called trabeculae. The stroma is the structural component of the lymph node made of reticular tissue.


What is the parenchyma?

Parenchyma - functional cell type of the lymph node
-lymphatic nodules w/ lymphocytes & macrophages are the functional cell types inside the lymph nodes


How does lymph flow through lymph nodes?

In through afferent lymphatics to the subcapsular sinus and out through the hilus