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what are the 3 positive effects?

helping behaviour, social commitement, increase self esteem


what is helping behaviour ?

playing prosocial game= helpful b


research for helping behaviour?

greitemeyer and osswald - p who played prosocial more pro than those who played aggressive/neutral game


eval for helping b?

g and o suggest although pro increase b, people who play less liekly to play these games b.c less attractive


what is research for social committement?

kahne et al- majority played sims said learn more of probs of society and explored social issues while playinglenhart et al- 64% of those who played multiplayer games = comitted to community participation


eval of social committment?

methodoligcal problems, lack of random exposure to civic games limits ability to make causal calims about how games influence development and social and civic responsibility


increase self esteem research?

gonzales and hancock- facebook walls positive on self esteem based on feedback. in study at cornell uni, those who used fb page gave more positive feedback than those that didnt


eval of self esteem research?

it supporrts exp,s if we choose to represent ourselves and get positive feedback imporves self esteem. and it mediates communication.


what are the 4 negative effects?

increase in hostile feelings, increase in verbal and physical aggression, lower grades, increase stress


research for increase in hostile feelings?

gentile and stone- lab exp. found a short term increase in levels of physical arousal,hostile feelings and aggressive b follwoing violent game play compared t no viol


eval of hostile feelings?

methodological probs; cant meaure real life agression and can only measure short term effects


research in verbal and physical aggression?

anderson et al- surveyed children btw 7 nd 9 at 2 points of school year (longitudinal study). children that had high exposure to violent games become more verable and physically agressive and less prosocial


eval of v.physical aggression?

research yet to establish a reliable cas link btw violent game play and aggressive behaviour


research for lower grade?

karpinksi- students that on fb everyday underachieved as much as entire grade even post grads had lower grades


eval for lower grade?

cant establish whether facebook caused or other extraneous varaibles


research for increases stress?

charles 2011 - interviwed 200 undergrad in scot. found 12% experience anxiety link to fb. such reported stress deleting unwanting on fb, and pressure to be liked


eval for increase stress?

supporting study 18yr old aestmatic man split with grifleind, she deleted him off fb, he created new fb and when saw photo her lost his breath