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Definition of motivation

Internal mechanism and external stimuli which arouse and direct our behaviour
The drive (energised behaviour) to learn and achieve success


Describe motivation

Involves our inner drive towards achieving a goal
Depends on external pressures and rewards that we perceive in our environment
Concerns the intensity (arousal level) and direction of our behaviour


What is internal motivation?

Internal drive to participate and perform well


What are internal drives?

Emotional feelings such as fun and enjoyment gained from participation
A sense of accomplishment, pride and physical well being (muscular-sensuousness)


An example of internal motivation

Playing rugby, enjoying playing it and therefore having the drive to participate and perform well


What is external motivation?

External pressures or drive to perform well


What are external factors?

Rewards, such as medals, badges and prizes. Pressures from parents, coaches or teammates. External reinforcements such as praise.


An example of external motivation

Winning a 100m race and getting a medal would motivate the sprinter to keep working hard to win another medal next time they compete.


Negatives of external motivation

A performer may become dependent on rewards if given too often
A performer may withdraw effort and lose motivation if regular rewards are removed.
Too much emphasis on winning can prevent the performer taking part for enjoyment/pleasure


Positives of external motivation

External rewards may give the performer internal drive to achieve something worthwhile
Appropriate use of extrinsic rewards may result in lifelong participation
Rewards do not necessarily undermine intrinsic motivation.
Effective motivation is a mixture of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


Positives of internal motivation

Involving a performer in decision making and goal setting means that the performer will view success with a sense of personal achievement.
Effective motivation is a mixture of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.