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Working Definition: Ordinary Magisterium



Working Definition: Extraordinary Magisterium

Ordinary with special solemnities


Working Definition: Universal Magisterium

By all and for all


Working Definition: De fide credenda

Concerns the deposit of faith


Working Definition: De fide tenenda

Concerns the secondary object of revelation, i.e., those things that support and defend it


Working Definition: Infallible



Working Definition: Definitive

Been defined and unable to be changed


Working Definition: Believe with Divine and Catholic Faith

What this concerns are those things within the Church from God who cannot deceive or be deceived


Working Definition: Firmly Embrace and Retain

Hold a truth based on God's action in the Church by the Holy Spirit


Working Definition: Religious Assent of the Intellect and Will

Not teaching against and trying to agree with teaching


Things to ask with these canons

Subjects, Kind of Teaching, Who's acting
Quality: Definitive or not
How is it done?
What does it contain?
Response of the Faithful


Working Definition: Authentic Magisterium

Magisterium exercised by those who are doctors with authority given by Christ (i.e., bishops and esp. the RP). Mostly the same as magesterium, but makes more clear the sort of response it can demand from the faithful: religious submission/assent of the spirit/intellect+will.


Working Definition: Ministry of the Word of God

Strictly speaking, official activity for the transmission of the word of God.
Widely speaking, the general responsibility of all the faithful to announce Christian doctrine, either by witness or by official activity
A.K.A., the announcement of the gospel, the proclamation of Christian doctrine.


Working Definition: Preachng

The announcement of the living Word of God that gathers the people of God together.
N.B.: Not only at the beginning, but also ongoing nourishment for faith and life. Less systematic than catechesis. Directed to deeper conversion, showing what one must believe and do for God’s glory and men’s salvation. The words living and gather are important in the above definition. More than only homilies.


Working Definition: Homily

Preaching during the Mass which explains some aspect of the readings from Sacred Scripture or other texts of the Mass, done by a sacred minister, taking to account of the mystery celebrated and the needs of the listener.
N.B.: In a wide sense, also similar preaching in other liturgies.


Working Definition: Catechesis

Instruction on faith and morals done in such a way that the faithful know explicity what they must believe and confess and how they should behave. It stirs up faith and makes it aware and working.
N.B.: Catechesis should be done by opportune instruction. Even children and less educated people should be able to understand the catechesis.


Working Definition: Mission Work

Action to implant the church among people and groups where it has not yet taken root. The action is directed to the foundation of the church in that place by the announcement of the Gospel and to the continual support of such churches until they able to do the work of evangelization by their own sufficient means.


Working Definition: Education

Integral formation of the human person which develops his physical, moral, and intellectual gifts, gives him a more perfect sense of responsibility and right use of responsibility and prepares him for active participation in the life of society, all in view of his ultimate end and the common good of all.


Working Definition: Catholic Education

Education where Catholic faith illuminates the person’s ultimate end and the common good of all, where a life of faith strengthens her personal development, and where she enters the mystery of faith more deeply.


Working Definition: University

An academic community that contributes in a rigorous and critical way to the guarding and development of human dignity and the cultural heritage by means of research, teaching, and service.


Working Definition: Catholic University

A university which gives superior levels of human cultural formation according to a Catholic (Christian) spirit.


Working Definition: Ecclesiastical University

A university directed to the investigation and instruction of sacred disciplines and those connected to the sacred.


Working Definition: Mandatum

A statement of authority which certifies that apostolate of the laity is in communion with the church and generates a special responsibility for the authority in view of the common good.


Working Definition: Canonical Mission

A statement of authority granting to some lay person a share in a work usually done by the hierarchy.
N.B. This means submission to some authority and a closer link to them.


Working Definition: Censor

An expert entrusted by the competent authority with the power to examine books for errors in faith and morals.


Working Definition: Imprimatur

Approval granted by ecclesiastical authority to print some book.


Working Definition: Nihil obstat

Attestation by ecclesiastical authority or by a censor that no error prevents this book from being published.
N.B. Often used to imply the presence of approval/permission from the same authority.


Chart:Which are the two parts of the munus docendi?

Authentic Magisterium and Munus Propheticum


Chart: Which are the two parts of the munus propheticum?

Infallibe and Non-infallible


Chart: What is the infallible munus propheticum?

Sensus fidelium