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What is an MUR?

A structured, adherence centred review with patients on multiple medicines


Aims of MUR

Improve patients understanding of their medicines
Highlight problematic side effects and propose appropriate solutions
Improve adherence
Reduce medicine wastage


Training for MUR

Only accredited pharmacists can conduct MURs and have to be registered with the PCO before they can be paid



2+ medication, receiving medication at pharmacy for previous 3 months, only one MUR per 12 months


English target groups

High risk drugs (NSAIDs, diuretics, anticoagulants, anti-platelets), respiratory disease, recently discharged from hospital, cardiovascular disease (4+ meds)


Welsh target groups

High risk drugs, anti-hypertensives, respiratory medicines (asthma/COPD), patient taking meds no longer required e.g. waste


Consultation area

Must take place in consultation room, must be clearly signed as consultation area, patient and pharmacist can sit down together, can talk at normal conversation volume without being overheard


Examples of discussion topics

What the patient thinks each medicine is for
How compliant they are
Side effects
Identifying unwanted medicines
Lifestyle- smoking/alcohol etc.
Problems using appliances e.g. inhalers, child resistant closures


Payment for MURs

Wales- Form PS/AS/1 submitted to the BSC
England: FP34C
Fee of £28 per MUR



Need to get written consent form the patient that they agree to information obtained during MUR to be shared with: their GP, the CCG/LHB to allow them to make sure the service is being provided, NHS business services authority to make sure pharmacy is being paid correctly