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Most smoking related deaths are from:

Lung cancer, COPD, coronary heart disease


Areas/functions of the body that can be damaged by smoking:

Heart and circulation, respiratory, stomach/digestive system, mouth, ligaments, muscles and bones, eyes, skin, reproductive functions


Nicotine patch features

Self-adhesive, trans-dermal delivery system which delivers a controlled amount of nicotine, convenient, discreet and easy to use, 16 hour patch applied in the morning and removed at bedtime, 24 hour patch worn day and night


Dosage and administration of nicotine patch

Apply to a clean, dry, hairless area of skin, alternate application sites daily, available in different strengths, nicotine delivered is progressively reduced by using lower strength patch over 10 to 12 weeks depending on brand


16 and 24 hour patches

24 hour patches are designed to produce sustained plasma nicotine levels throughout the day and night, although sleep disturbance is a recognised symptom nocturnal nicotine patches has been shown to increase sleep disturbance over placebo levels, levels of sleep disturbance with the 16 hour patches are comparable to placebo


Nicotine mouth spray

Spray allows a rapid delivery and uptake of nicotine into the body, effective to be used when cigarettes would have been smoked or if cravings emerge


How to use nicotine mouth spray

Point the spray nozzle towards the open mouth, holding it as close as possible, press the top of the dispenser to release one spray into the mouth, avoiding the lips, to avoid getting spray down the throat, don't inhale while spraying, don't swallow for a few seconds after spraying


Nicotine gum feactures

Nicotine bound to an ion exchange resin, chewing releases nicotine, three strengths available, chewed regularly to prevent cravings/withdrawal symptoms


Nicotine gum dosage and administration

Chew slowly until taste becomes strong, rest between gum and cheek, chew gum again when the taste has faded


Nicotine lozenge

Should be placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve, periodically moved from one side of the mouth to the other


Nicotine inhaler

Mouthpiece and replaceable cartridge containing a plug impregnated with nicotine, inhaled either by deep or shallow puffing, max 6 cartridges per day


Nicotine sublingual tablet

Suitable for both low and high dependent smokers, placed under the tongue, slowly disintegrates (30 mins)


Nasal spray dosage and administration

Initial dose 1 spray in each nostril up to twice an hour to relieve cravings (max 64 sprays/day), use as required for 8 weeks then reduce over 4 weeks, maximum usage 3 months


Oral strips

Orodispersible film, suitable for smokers who have their first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up, abrupt cessation, 12 week programme


Dual support

Use of a nicotine patch and flexible format e.g. mouth spray, gum, lozenge, nicotine patch provides continuous nicotine levels through the day to relieve background withdrawal, flexible format relieves breakthrough cravings whenever they strike