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What are the dimensions of skeletal muscle fibres?

Diameter: ~10-100 µm

Length: 1mm - 0.5m


What is the arrangement of skeletal muscle support tissue?

- Endomysium: Inward projections of connective tissue from the perimysium to surround indiviudal muscle fibres.

- Perimysium: Connective tissue covering each fascicle.

- Epimysium: Connective tissue layer covering each muscle.


What are the different types of skeletal muscle fibres?

1. Type 1 fibres: Red, aerobic and slow-twitch

2. Type 2 fibres: White, anaerobic and fast-twitch

3. Intermediate fibres


What type of tissues areskeletal muscle tendons?

Connective tissues


What are the dimensions of a cardiac muscle cell?

Diameter: 15 µm

Length: 100 µm


What are the structural features in cardiac muscle interculated discs?

1. Intermediate junctions: Anchors actin filaments between cells and allows mechanical coupling of contraction.

2. Desmosomes: Physically sticks the cardiac muscle cells together.

3. Gap junctions: Electrical synapse allowing direct conduction of APs from one muscle cell to another. This makes myocardium an electrical syncytium.


What are the different types of smooth muscle?

1. Single-unit: Smooth muscle cells are electrically coupled to each other and operate as electrical syncytium.

2. Muli-unit: Cells function as individuals.


What are the dimensions of smooth muscles?

Diameter: 5-10 µm

Length: 20-200 µm