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What are the contents of the portal tract?

- Branches of portal vein

- Branches of heptic artery

- Branches of bile duct

- Lympatics


What is the hepatic triad?

- Portal vein

- Hepatic artery

- Bile duct


What are bile canaliculi?

Small channels formed by opposing membranes of the hepatocytes into which bile is secreted. These then drain into the bile ducts.


What are the functions of Kupffer cells?

- Removal of damaged red blood cells.

- Removal of bacteria.

- Removal of cellular debris in blood.


What are the sturctural features of the hepatic sinusoidal capillaries?

- Wide, irregular lumen

- Fenestrations

- Space of Disse (IF between hepatocytes and sinusoidal fenestrations)

- Basement membrane poorly developed and may be absent

- Kupffer cells line the sinusoids

- Microvilli protrude from hepatocytes into spaces of DIsse.


What are the major salivary glands in the body?

- Parotid gland

- Submandibular gland

- Subingual gland


What is the structure of salivary gland?

They are divided into lobules by inward extensions of the capsule called septa.


What are the types of secretory cells found in secretory acini?

- Mucous cells

- Serous cells


What are the differences between mucous cells and serous cells?

- Mucous cells have flat, basally located nuclei while serous cells have round, centrally located nuclei.

- Mucous cells have poorly stained nuclei while serous cells have strongly stained nuclei.


What are the structures formed by serous cells around mucous cells in mixed acini?



What are the different components of the pancreas?

- Exocrine: Secretory acini

- Endocrine: Islets of Langerhans


What is the structure of the pancreas?

- The pancreas is divided into lobules by inward extension of capsule.

- Excretory ducts and blood vessels are found in areas of support tissue.


What are interculated ducts?

Smallest branches of the duct system.


What types of epithelia line the interculated ducts>

- Squamous epithelium

- Low cuboidal epithelium


What is the structure of the pancreatic duct system?

Interculated ducts → Intralobular ducts → Interlobular ducts


What is the arrangement of cells in islets of Langerhans?

- α-cells are on the periphery of the islets.

- β-cells are in the centre of the islets.


Where does blood from the islets of Langerhans drain?

Hepatic portal vein