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What are the main layers of the tracheal walls?

1. Epithelium

2. lamina propria

3. Submucosa

4. Cartilage (C-shaped hyaline)



What are the components of respiratory epithelium in trachea?

- Pseudostratified, columnar, ciliated epithelium

- Goblet cells


What is the lamina propria?

Thin layer of connective tissue below respiratory epithelium that warms air.


What types of glands are found in the submucosa of the trachea?

Sero-mucous glands


What are the differences between the trachea and bronchi?

- Epithelium less tall in bronchi.

- Submucosa contains fewer seromucous glands.

- Cartilage is plated, not C-shaped.

- Presence of smooth muscle layer between the lamina propria and the submucosa.


What is the main difference between bronchioles and bronchi?

- Bronchioles don't have cartilage in their walls.

- Bronchiolar epithelium is simple, columnar ciliated.


What are the different types of cells in alveoli?

1. Pneumocyte type I cells (40% cell population, 90% SA)

2. Pneumocyte type II cells (60% cell population, 10% SA)


What is the function of pnemocyte type II cells?

Produces surfactant