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How do you release the parking brake?

Pressing either left pedal releases the Pasrking brake returning the handle to the down position


How does the Tail Wheel Shimmy Damper Work?

The shimmy damper causes both of the tail gear wheels to rotate at the same rate, preventing tail oscillations


Whats the purpose of the tail bumper?

Prevents the stabilator from striking the ground when landing with nose-high attitudes


What is the RAST Capable of?

  1. Assisting the pilot in landing the helicopter on the deck
  2. Securing the helicopter to the deck
  3. Straightening the helicopter to a laterally centered position
  4. Traversing the helicopter into and out of the hangar


What are the three lights the SO see's during RA Recoveries?

  1. Main Probe is DOWN
  2. Messenger Cable is IN
  3. Hauldown Cable is LOCKED


What are the switches that will give a PYLON FLIGHT light?

  1. Pylon lock switch
  2. 5° Switch
  3. Tail rotor blade indexer switch
  4. 2x Stabilator lock pins


When folding the Pylon, what must be on?

Unless external power or the BATT switch is turned on prior to folding the tail pylon, the tail rotor indexer actuator will not engage after starting the pylon fold sequence, which could result in uncontrolled windmilling


What sends the aircrafts altitude to the transponder?

The backup altimeter contains the encoder which provides a digital pressure output in 100's of feet to the IFF Transponder


How do the fire detectors work?

Whats different about the new detectors?

Then one of the sensors detects infrared radiation (fire) without any blue light (from sunlight), it sends a signal to the amplifier which activates the correct T-Handle and the fire light

Newer IR flame detectors are designed to eliminate susceptibility to false alarms (also result in a 5 sec delay for the T-Handle lights to extinguish)


How do you know if one of your Fire Bottles Discharged?

Thermal dischrage is indicated by the loss of the red plastic disc on the left side of the aircraft


What happens when you pull multiple T-Handles?

If you pull both the No.1 EngineT-Handle and the APU T-Handle, the fire system will discharge into whichever Handle was pulled last. 

Any time the No.2 Engine T-Handle, the system will dispense into the No.2 Engine bay


What happens when you pull the APU T-Handle?

It removes electrical power from the APU airframe fuel shutoff valve allowing it to close (shuts off gas to APU)

Also removes power from the prime boost pump, stops the DESU, and arms/sets the fire extinguisher to the APU compartment


How do you activate the Fire Extinguisher without AC power?

Where can't it go?

If there is no AC power you must use the RESERVE position in order to discharge agent into No.1 Engine Bay or the APU

Without AC power, you cannot discharge into the No.2 Engine Bay


When will the Fire Extiguishers Auto Discharge?

A Multiple-Axis senor (10G) is hard mounted to the airframe, when crash forces are felt the switch will activate via the battery utility bus and discharge one bottle into each engine compartment


How much torque do you lose when running the ECS?

How much extra fuel is consumed?

NORM: max torque is reduced by 4% per engine, fuel flow increases by 8 lbs/hr

HIGH: max torque is reduced by 7% per engine, fuel flow is increases by 45 lbs/hr


What does the De-Ice Master Control?

Placing the switch to ON will automatically turn on the following (if their switches are already OFF) with ice detected:


​​​Placing the switch for the above systems to ON, will allow them to run continuously


How does the Aircraft sense Ice buildup?

How does the system respond?

Icing is sensed when ice accumulation on the vibrating probe (on the No2. Engine Cowling) changes the frequence at which it vibrates

The Ice Detect Caution is illuminated and the probe is heated to shed the Ice. Once shed the caution goes away and the heater is turned off, the rate at which ice accumulates determines the severity of the icing environment


How does the system Control the Element-On-Time (EOT) and the element off time?

On time is controlled by OAT, the lower the temperature is the longer EOT will be

Off time is controlled by the ice rate signal (Severity of icing build up), resulting in off-time variations proportional to icing rate


How are the Main Rotor and Tail Rotor De-iced?

The main rotor is de-iced in cycles (2 blades at a time) this reduces power requirements, sheds ice symmetrically, and prevents ice from coming in contact with the pylon

The Tail Rotor is De-iced by all four blades simultaneously


When should the manual De-Ice mode be used?

  1. The pilot has determined by judgement of icing intensity that the ice rate system is inaccurate
  2. Torque has increased to an unacceptable level
  3. Vibrations have increased to an unacceptable level


When is the windshield anti-ice system used?

It can be used to prevent ice and fog from forming on the windshields


Whats a risk with a faulty Windshield Anti-Ice system?

Could result in arcing and delamination, which if not promptly secured could result in a fire


When is Pitot Heat Required to be used?

Pitot Heat SHALL be turned on when visible moisture is present and/or the OAT is 5°C or below


When will the Seat Belt Auto-Lock?

A force of 3Gs or more will cause the inertial real to lock and only retract until the lever is cycled


How much cable is in the Rescue hoist?

When does the color change?

The hoist contains 200 ft of usable cable

The first and last 20 ft is painted bright orange


What are the two types of rescue hoists and how fast do they go?

Breeze Eastern: 0-215 ft/min

Lucas Western: 0-250 ft/min


How fast can the pilot control the rescue hoist?

how fast does the backup mode go?

Pilots can control the hoist at 100 ft/min in either direction

The backup mode provides a constant 85 ft/min


How does the Aircrew Pendant Control speed at hoist cable limits?

What about in backup mode?

During normal operations the hoist will slow to 50ft/min within 10ft from full up or 5ft from full down

This safety feature is removed when in backup mode


What does the All Stores Jettison button not Eject?

Will jettison all stores except for CMDS (and the Aux tank if its below 272lbs)


What are the risks of a PIU Fault?

A PIU fault or failure with stores/ordnance on the corresponding weapon station may result in uncommanded jettison of that stations stores/ordnance