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Per NATOPS what are Aircraft Commander Requirements?

  1. Meet the requirements for HAC specified in CNAF
  2. Satisfactorily complete an approved MH-60R HAC PQS syllabus


DLQ Qualification/Currency requirements

Aviation Ship/Amphibious Assault Aviation Ship

Air Capable Ship Clear Deck/Free Deck/RA

What confer what?

Day SHALL precede night. If last landing exceeds 365 days, initial requirements must be completed again 

Aviation Ship 3/3 - 2/365 - 3/90

CD 6/6 - 4/180 - 6/90

FD 6/6 - 4/180 - 6/90

RA 2/2 - 1/180 - 2/90

Free Deck confers Clear Deck / Air Capable confers Aviation

Initial night SHALL be preceded by one day landing within last 30 days

Free Deck in lieu of RA may be used for currency if RA system not available. Night confers day during re-qualification.


VERTREP Currency requirements?

4x day field practice evolution's or day shipboard evolution's


Night shipboard external cargo ops present serious hazard to personnel and equipment and SHALL NOT be conducted except for reasons of operational necessity


Min crew for Non-tactical/fam flights

2x H2Ps or

HAC and a qualified observer


Min crew for FCF check flights

FCP, qualified observer, and one aircrewman or TFO crewmember


Min crew for Orientation flights

HAC, qualified observer, aircrewman


Min crew for Utility missions

HAC, PQM, aircrewman


Min crew for SAR missions

HAC, PQM, MH-60R aircrewman and H-60 SAR aircrewman


Min crew for SUW/ASW missions



Min crew for flights from Air-Capable Ships

2x H2Ps, aircrewman or

HAC, qualified observer, aircrewman

For Night/IMC: HAC, PQM, aircrewman


Min crew for Instrument Flight

In addition to requirements set forth in CNAF:

HAC, Designated Naval Aviator or

2x H2Ps

(if simulating IMC via visually restrictive device, qualified observer in cabin)


Whats required to be considered a "Qualified Observer"

Someone who has met all of the minimum Aeromedical and survival requirements for indoctrination flights set forth in CNAF and has been thoroughly briefed in accordance with the Qualified Observer brief.

CNAF lists required classes in Appendix E. The NASTP training certification lasts 180 days for Midshipmen