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Without Maintenance who is allowed to service the aircraft?

All PQMs and aircrewman qualified in model authorized to perform servicing and handling when maintenance personnel are not available


When can a flameout happen using JP5/JP8/ or equivalent fuels?
How do you prevent this?

Flameouts may be encountered following nose down ground operations in excess of 10 minutes when using JP5, JP8, or equivalent fuels and could result in loss of aircraft or personnel.

To prevent flameout during launch, establish IGE hover for 10 sec prior to takeoff. If FUEL PRESS caution illuminates during the hover, do not depart until FUEL PRESS caution self clears


What restrictions are in place when using JP-4/JET B?

  1. All takeoffs shall stabilize in hover for 10 sec
  2. Single-eng training PROHIBITED
  3. Lower operating temps, slower acceleration and shorter ranges may be experienced
  4. Next 2 refueling with primary fuel shall be treated as if JP-4/JET B is in the tanks


What is the Fuel Changeover procedure after the use of JP4/JET B?

  1. If fuel type is unknown or mixture that includes JP-4/JET B, assume all tanks are filled 100% with those
  2. During ground/flight ops, empty external tank into main tanks before refueling
  3. Periodically refuel external tanks and/or main tanks with JP-5/JP-8 or equivalent.


A cumulative total of at least 2 refuelings of JP-5 or JP-8 equivalent must be added to the main tank, either by aux transfer or direct main tank refuel before fuel composition is assumed to be rid of JP-4/JET B


Hangaring after use of JP5

When fueling with JP-5 is not possible, helos SHALL NOT be hangared until flashpoint of fuel mixture is above 120F


For planning purposes, a fuel mixture of 70% JP-5 and 30% JP-8 or Jet A-1 will ensure min flash point of the mixture is above 120F


When can you use PRIST?

Discharged via aerosol can is not authorized.


What are the Main Tanks Capacity?


JP-5 - 590gal  4012lbs

JP-8 - 590gal  3953lbs


How much does fuel weight?


How about water?

JP5: 6.8 lb/gal

JP8: 6.7 lb/gal

Water: 8.34 lb/gal


If your fuel doesnt contain Fuel icing inhibitor, what do you need to do?


When operating with fuel that does not contain Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII), bulk fuel temp SHALL be maintained above 0C

  1. If the ac has been in heated hangar areas, ac should be launched within 1 hr after being moved to flight deck
  2. If ac is outside for more than 1 hr, bulk fuel temp should be checked by draining into bottle that has been outside for ~15 min
  3. If fuel is 0C or less, ac should be hangared or partially defueled and refueled with warm fuel so that bulk temp rises above 0C


What are some considerations when Pressure Refueling?

Ensure sono launcher in SAFE if it is pressurized

SHALL NOT exceed 55psi to prevent fuel cell rupture

 If helo must be refueled when quality of fuel is in question, it should be refueled through HIFR fitting.

If neither precheck valve will secure fuel flow, fueling should be continued only if necessary. (As long as one precheck valve is operative, the aircraft can be refuled safely)


When can't you Gravity Refuel?

Is not authorized with engines or APU running


What is required for RAST Operations with an Aux tank installed?

  1. Main and tail landing gear tires and struts have been serviced
  2. Static vertical clearance between deck and lowest point on aux tank shell not less than 12in
  3. Aircraft gross weight during ops SHALL NOT exceed gross weight at time of static vertical clearance measurement


How much oil does the engine take?

How do you service it?

7.3 quarts

Required when oil level less than halfway between ADD and FULL marks (it wants 2 quarts when at the ADD mark)

Wait at least 20 min after shutdown before checking oil level


How much oil does the APU require?

How do you service it?

2.0 quarts

Turbomach/Sundstrand - haflway between full and refill

Garrett - indicated on dipstick

Wait 1 hr after APU shutdown to check oil level


How much oil does the transmission take?

How do you service it?

7.5 gal

Indicated on dipstick

30 min after shutdown - HOT

2 hours after shutdown - COLD


How much oil does the IGB/TGB take?

How would you service it?

2.75 pints

IGB - Fill if bottom of outer circle can be seen

TGB - Properly serviced when oil within lines/green area with pylon spread


Do not service IGB or TGB while tail pylon folded


How much oil do the Hydraulic pumps take?

How do you know they need to be serviced?

Hyd pump Reservoir - 1.0 quart

Util Hyd - .92 quart

Rescue Hoist - 1.16 quart

1/8in wide strip is where measured; allowed up to 3/8in into blue

All 3 white lines indicate full reservoir (util hyd)


How much pressure does the Sonobouy launcher require?

Service to 1175+/-25psi


How do you service the Windshield Washer fluid in cold weather?

When operating below 0C, fill reservoir with 50% water, 50% isopropyl alcohol.


What are the allowed Tiedown configurations?

Whats considered heavy seas?

Initial - 2x each mount (4 total) - prior to and after shipboard ac movement, startup and immediately after landing

Permanent - 2x each attach point (12 total) - required when not at flight quarters

Heavy Weather - 3x each attach point (18 total) - required when surface winds reach avg velocity of 35 knots and/or sea state of 8ft, or wind over deck exceeds 60 knots, pitch exceed  or roll exceeds 12°


When are the Main Rotor Tiedowns required?

SHOULD be done when helo will be parked for a period of time or when actual or projected wind conditions are >45 knots