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Levels of maintenance?

O level

I level

D level


What is O level?

By unit, day to day, to maintain FMC

Servicing and Handling


What is I level?

Enhance and sustain the combat readiness and mission capability by providing material support at the nearest location


What is D level?

Major overhaul or rebuilding of parts

Manufacturing parts, modifying, testing, inspecting


What is Safe for Flight?

Overall responsibility to provide aircrew with best product possible

At a minimum they shall:

Review ADB to ensure discrepancies and all flight safety QA inspections are signed off, as well as DTA inspections complete

Fuel samples taken. Only valid for 24 hours

Oil consumption has been reviewed per each engine/gearbox prior to every flight

Update weight and balance

During Hotseat operations, review any new discrepancies, have pilot sign block 10 of A sheet


What is the A-sheet?

Pilots acceptance of aircraft in current condition

Identification of aircraft

Certification of an aircraft readiness for flight


Blocks of the A-sheet?

1- A/C Buno

2- T/M/S

3- Reporting custodian

4- oxygen on board

5- fuel

6- Oil

7- Date

8- Ordnance, special equipment, limitations

9- signature of Plane Captain

10- signature of safe for flight (or debarking pilot)

11- signature of PIC


Deviations allowed for inspections?

+/- 3 days - the next inspection is scheduled as if no deviation has occurred

+/- 10% - the next inspection is as if no deviation has occurred

If inspections are done ratified than above. The inspections are rebased


What is a daily inspection?

It is conducted to inspect for defects to a greater depth than a turnaround

Valid for 72 hrs- provided no flight occurs, and no maintenance performed beside servicing has been done

Aircraft may be flown for 24 without another daily. The 24 cannot exceed 72 hours unless it occurs during a mission


What is a turnaround inspection?

Conducted between flights to ensure integrity of aircraft, verify proper servicing, and detect degradation that may have occurred during previous flight

Valid for 24 hours

Daily inspection does not satisfy turnaround inspection


Special inspection?

a scheduled inspection with a prescribed interval other than a daily or phase. Intervals are based on calendar time, flight hours, operating hours, or number of cycles or events.

7, 28 day

50, 100, 200 hours


Conditional inspections?

Unscheduled events required as a result of a specific overlimit, or result of circumstances which create a requirement for an inspection


Phase inspections?

A, B, C, D cycle is 800 hours with 200 hours between each phase.


Zonal inspection?

General inspection of specific area of an aircraft for obvious defects


JCN is a what?

Job Control Number

Nine character

3 parts- organization, day, serial number


MCN is what?

Maintenance Control Number

7 character code

Used for tracking through maintenance process


FCF's are required when?

Completion of standard rework

New aircraft ( not required when transferring between homeguard and dets )

installation of engine, prop, prop governor, major fuel sys component, engine drive train, transmission and gearbox

rotary wings installed

Adjustment of 2 attitude reference system

30 day no fly


FCF checklists shall be kept a minimum of

6 months or a phase cycle


What is a QAR?



Quality assurance representative

Collateral duty quality assurance representative

Collateral duty inspector


QAR does what?

Reviews CDI/CDQAR nominations

QA functions

Evaluates CDI performance

E-6 and above


What is a CDQAR?

Collateral duty quality assurance representative

Function same capacity as QARs

E5 and above


CDI stands for what?

Collateral duty inspector

Shall inspect all work and comply with required QA inspections during all maintenance actions performed

Shall spot check all work in progress and be familiar with programs managed and audited by QA


AD's are? Work enter code?

Aviation machinist mate (mech): works on Engines, Transmission, drive shafts, fuel cell



AE's are? Workcenter code?

Aviation electricians mate: AFCS, Electrical, Wiring, Instrumentation



Am's are? Workcenter code?

Aviation structural mechanic (framer): flight controls, hydraulics, airframe, ECS



AO's are? Workcenter code?

Aviation Ordnance men



AT's are? Workcenter code?

Aviation electronics technician: mission systems, radios, crypto, avionics



Per the NAMP can pilot conduct a TA?

Yes: COs may authorize PICs to conducts pilot inspection, ensuring servicing requirements are accomplished and sign AIA record in the cert box when operating away from homeguard without qualified maint personnel for periods not exceeding 72 hours.


PR workcenter code?



What is the MESM?

Mission Essential Subsystem Matrix