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What are the rami that conform the lumbar plexus?



all the nerves of the lumbar plexus can be organised in regards to a muscle, this is.

Psoas Major


What Nerves come off the lateral border of psoas major in defending order?

Inguinal and Iliohypogastric Nerve (1)
Lateral Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh (2,3)
Femoral Nerve (2-4)


from the anterior surface of psoas muscle what nerve comes off?

Genitofemoral Nerve (1-2)


From the medial muscle of posts major comes what nerve?

Obturator Nerve (2-4)


what is the main function of the iliohypogastric nerve and the inguinal nerve?

Sensory supply to the skin of the inguinal canal and the scrotum
Motor to the lower fibres of the internal oblique and transversus abdominal


what supplies Lateral Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh and when can this cause pins and needles?

lateral surface of the thigh
pregnancy and ñoño


the genitofemoral nerve is 2 nerves in one sheath and their function is...

Genito Branch (spermatic cord and cremasteric muscle)
Femoral Branch (area of the skin underneath the inguinal canal and scrotum)


what are the rami that conform the sacral plexus?

with the lumbosacral trunk (L4-5)


what is the nerve of the anterior compartment of the thigh? what muscle does it NOT supply?

Femoral Nerve
Psoas Major


what is the sensory supply of the Femoral Nerve? distally via which branch?

all the antero-medial side of the lower limb (only medial side from one palm above ankle)
NO --> one palm above medial knee
From the knee down is via the Saphenous nerve


What are that main nerves that supply the anterior skin of the thigh?

Genitofemoral Nerve
Femoral Never
Lateral Cutaneous Nerve Of thigh
Obturator Nerve


What muscles are supplied by the obturator nerve?
how many division does it got?

Aductor longus
Adductor Brevis (2, 1Above)
Adductor Magnus


what are the relevant rami that make up the Sciatic Nerve?



What nerves are contained within the sheath of the Sciatic Nerve?

Tibial Nerve
Common Fibular Nerve


what nerve comes out in the gluteal region above piriformis and what does it supply?

Superior Gluteal nerve
For Gm and gm


what nerve comes out in the gluteal region bellow piriformis and what does it supply?

Inferior Gluteal Nerve (GM)
Sciatic Nerve
Posterior Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh (Hamstrings. X Short Head of Biceps)


what is in direct relationship (posteriorly) to the hip joint

Sciatic Nerve
Injured in A-P dislocations


what nerve supplies the short head of biceps?

Common Fibular Nerve


what is the main function of the tibial muscle?
Sensory supply?

all posterior muscles of the leg and the sole of the foot
Travels down sandwiched between superficial and deep muscles
[posterio-lateral leg {rural nerve} and sole of the foot {plantar and calcaneal nerves}]


in the foot the tibial nerve gives its terminal branches what is its trajectory?

from the medial side of the foot to the lateral side
Lateral and medial plantar nerves


where does the common fibular nerve gives off its branches and what are them?

At the levels of Fibularis Longus
Deep Fibular nerve
Superficial Fibular Nerve


The Deep Fibular nerve gives supply to
1 motor
2 sensory

1 Anterior Compartment, Extensor Digitorium Brevis
2 First toe cleft


The superficial Fibular nerve gives supply to
1 motor
2 sensory

1 Lateral Compartment , Fibularis longus and Brevis
2 lateral leg and dorm of foot


What is the main artery of the lower limb?

Femoral Artery


the most important branch of the Femoral Artery is?

Profunda Femoral Artery
(stays in the anterior compartment anterolaterally to the femur and gives penetrating arteries for the posterior compartment via the holes in adductor magnus)


when does the femoral artery becomes the popliteal artery?

when it goes into the posterior compartment via the adductor hiatus


where does the popliteal artery divides into its terminal branches? what are they?

inferior border of populates
Anterior and Posterior Tibial


What are the 3 main compartments of the femoral sheath and what travels in each of them?

Lateral (femoral artery, genital branch of genitofemoral)
Intermediate (femoral vein)
Medial (lymph nodes allows for expansion of femoral vein)


the femoral nerve is part of the femoral canal T/F

F, is lateral to it


what is the entrance to the femoral sheath? limits

The femoral Ring
□ Laterally is the Femoral nerve
□ Medially is the lacunar ligament
□ Anteriorly is the inguinal ligament
□ Behind is the pectineus muscle
□ Bowel can herniate through the ring and cause a femoral hernia (needs to be surgically repaired, high chance of strangulation)


what are the contents of the popliteal fossa?

popliteal artery
popliteal vein
sciatic nerve and terminal branches


what is the artery of the anterior compartment?

Anterior Tibial Artery


Artery of the posterior compartment?

Posterior tibial artery


what is the name of the artery contained in the extensor retinaculum? it is a branch of?

Dorsalis pedis
(Anterior Tibial)


what is the artery contained in the flexor retinaculum? where is the flexor retinaculum located?

Behind the medial malleolus
Posterior Tibial Artery


what is the vicious cycle in compartment syndrome? what is the treatment?

oedema--> increased pressure --> decreased blood flow --> ischaemia
2 incision fasciotomy


what are the 2 main systems for draining of the lower limb?

Superficial (Great Saphenous Vein, Short Saphenous Vein)
Deep (Venae Commitantes)


where does the GSV drains to and via what?

into the Femoral Vein via the saphenous opening


the popliteal vein is formed by what arteries? where?

Short Saphenous Vein + Venae commitantes
Popliteal Fossa