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Define a DoS attack? (Denial of Service)

pg 474

prevents users from accessing the network and/ or its resources.


_________ is a Large amount of ICMP packet are sent to the remote host victim, totally flooding the victim's buffer and causing the system to reboot or helplessly hang there, drowning.

(p. 474).

Ping of Death

(patches are available for most operating systems to prevent a Ping of Death attack from working.)


What is a botnet?

pg 475

is a number of Internet-connected computers communicating with other similar machines in an effort to complete repetitive tasks and objectives.


What is a smurf attack?

p. 477

DoS attack that floods its victim with spoofed broadcast ping messages.


Define Syn Flood Attack?

p. 478.

Its another DoS attack that inundates the receiving machine with lots of packets that cause the victim to waste resources by holding connections open.


What is a Brute Force Attack?

pg 482

The Hacker attempts every possible combination of numbers and letters that could be in a password.


How can you prevent a Brute Force Attack?

p. 482

Setting an account lockout policy is the simplest mitigation technique to defeat brute force attacks. With such a policy applied, the account becomes locked after a set number of failed attempts.


is a term that describes any software that harms a computer, deletes data, or takes actions the user did not authorize.

p. 484

Malicious Software or Malware


__________is one that affects both the boot sector and files on your computer, making such a virus particularly dangerous and exasperatingly difficult to remove.

p. 486

multipartite virus



what is one basic tool that a hacker will use to analyze the network? pg489

Packet Sniffer or Protocol Analyzer


is an AP that is not under your control but is used to perform a hijacking attack.

p. 492.

Evil Twin


Both______ and ________exploit others' Bluetooth connections without their knowledge
pg 493




_________is a method of bypassing normal authentication, securing unauthorized remote access to a computer, obtaining access to plaintext, while attempting to remain undetected.

pg 495

Backdoor attack


describe a packet sniffer?

pg 495

its a software tool that can be incredibly effective in troubleshooting a problematic network, but it can also be a hacker's friend.


_________is an exploit of the FTP protocol whereby an attacker is able to use the PORT command to request access to ports indirectly through the use of the victim machine as a middle man for the request.

pg 495

FTP Bounce Attack


What is Social engineering,

p. 498

Social engineering is the context of information security, refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information


what are 6 things you should do in case of a security incident should occur ?

pg 501

1. Detect the incident.
2. Respond to the incident.
3. Report the incident to the appropriate personnel.
4. Recover from the incident.
5. Remediate all components affected by the incident to ensure that all traces of the incident have been removed. 6. Review the incident, and document all findings..


The International Computer Security Association reports that as many as______percent of all network break-ins occur from within the company and are carried out by employees, so protecting your data with a firewall is just the beginning of establishing network security.

p. 504



For your antivirus program to work for you, you have to upgrade, update, and scan in a specific order:

p. 516

1. Upgrade the antivirus engine.
2. Update the definition files.
3. Create an antivirus emergency boot disk.
4. Configure and run a full on-demand scan.
5. Schedule monthly full on-demand scans.
6. Configure and activate on-access scans.
7. Make a new antivirus emergency boot disk monthly.
8. Get the latest update when fighting a virus outbreak.
9. Repeat all steps when you get a new engine.


what should you do before installing new or upgraded software?

p. 516

back up your entire computer system, including all your data.


____________scan is a virus scan initiated by you or an administrator that searches a file, a directory, a drive, or an entire computer but only checks the files you're currently accessing.

p. 517

on demand scan


____________is a technology that allows an antivirus program to search for a virus even if there's no definition for it yet. The engine looks for suspicious activity of the kind that usually indicates the presence of a virus.

p. 516

Heuristic scanning