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What are the 4 things mentioned in the book that should be on your SSS List? (Super Simple Stuff) pg 715

Check to ensure login procedures and rights.
Look for link lights and collision lights.
Check all power switches, cords, and adapters.
Look for user errors.


When "Narrowing Down the Problem" when issues come up with your network. What are a few questions you should ask yourself? pg 715

Did you check the super simple stuff (SSS)?
Is hardware or software causing the problem?
Is it a workstation or server problem?
Which segments of the network are affected?
Can you test the network from end to end to confirm connectivity?
Are there any cabling issues?


What are the steps to take during any user oriented network problem solving process:

p. 717

1. Make sure the username and password is being entered correctly.
2. Check that Caps Lock key.
3. Try to log in yourself from another workstation, assuming that doing this doesn't violate the security policy. If it works, go back to the user-oriented login problems, and go through them again.
4. If none of this solves the problem, check the network documentation to find out whether any of the aforementioned kinds of restrictions are in place; if so, find out whether the user has violated any of them.


True or False The link lights on some NICs don't activate until the driver is loaded.

p. 718



___________is also a small LED, but it's typically amber in color, and it can usually be found on both Ethernet NICs and hubs.

p. 718

collision light


If the collision light stays on continuously what could be the issue?
pg 718

there are way too many collisions happening for legitimate network traffic to get through.


What are 3 of the most common types of Operator Error's?

p. 719

Equipment exceeds operator capability (EEOC)
Problem exists between chair and keyboard (PEBCAK)
ID Ten T error (an ID10T)


What is the best way to go abut trouble shooting power problems?

p. 718

start with the most obvious device and work your way back to the power-service panel.


What color is the the network activity or network traffic light typically?

p. 718



What's the first question to ask anyone who reports a network or computer problem is,

p. 717

“Can you show me what ‘not working’ looks like?” or Can you reproduce the issue?