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is a network device that connects two similar
network segments together. Its primary function is to keep traffic separated on either side. Ch 5 pg 120



What are three significant differences between a switch and hub? Ch 5 pg 120

a switch recognizes frames and pays attention to the source and destination MAC address of the incoming frame as well as the port on which it was received.


A___________is a network device used to connect many, sometimes disparate, network segments
together, combining them into what we call an_________? Ch 5 pg 121

router and internetwork.


__________are your network’s security guards; and
to be real, they’re probably the most important thing to implement on your network. Ch 5 pg 125



True or False A firewall can be either hardware device and software? Ch 5 pg 125



_____________is a computer networking device that switches on Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Layer 2 like an ordinary network switch but provides routing.
Ch 5 pg 130

multilayer switch (MLS)


Which type of organization would use the .org domain?
Ch 5 pg 131

A nonprofit organization.


Which type of organization would use the .int domain?
Ch 5 pg 131

An international organization, such as NATO or the United Nations.


The process of finding the IP address for any given host name is known as ? Ch 5 pg 131

name resolution


is basically a type of server that handles its client-machine requests by forwarding them on to other servers while allowing granular control over the traffic
between the local LAN and the Internet. Ch 5 pg 135

proxy server


There are two main types of proxy servers you’ll typically find working in present-day networks: Ch 5 pg 135

Caching proxy server
Web proxy server


A ___________ server speeds up the network’s service requests by recovering information from a client’s or clients’ earlier request. Caching proxies keep local
copies of the resources requested often, which really helps minimize the upstream use of bandwidth. These servers can greatly enhance network performance.Ch 5 pg 135

caching proxy


A _________ is usually used to create a web cache. You experience this when you Google a site you’ve visited before. The web proxy “remembers” you, and the site not only loads faster, but sometimes even recalls your personal information by automatically
filling in your username—or even your billing/shipping information when you place another order. Ch 5 pg 135

web proxy server


What are at least 5 things that can cause LAN traffic congestion?

Ch 5 pg 138

Too many hosts in a broadcast domain
Broadcast storms
Low bandwidth
Adding hubs for connectivity to the network


Define network segmentation? Ch 5 pg 138

Breaking up a larger network into smaller networks


the set of all devices on a network segment that hear all the broadcasts sent on that segment. Ch 5 pg 138

broadcast domain


A_________ can replace the hub, breaking up collision domains. Ch 5 pg 138



What are two advantages of using routers in your network:

Ch 5 pg 139

They don’t forward broadcasts by default.
They can filter the network based on Layer 3 (Network layer) information (such as IP address).


Four router functions in your network can be listed as follows: Ch 5 pg 140

Packet switching
Packet filtering
Internetwork communication
Path selection


Their are 6 things you should commit to memory about routers. What are they? Ch 5 pg 144

Routers, by default, will not forward any broadcast or multicast packets.

Routers use the logical address in a Network-layer header to determine the next hop router to forward the packet to.

Routers can use access lists, created by an administrator, to control security on the types of packets that are allowed to enter or exit an interface.

Routers can provide Layer 2 bridging functions if needed and can simultaneously route through the same interface.

Layer 3 devices (routers, in this case) provide
connections between virtual LANs (VLANs).

Routers can provide quality of service (QoS) for specific types of network traffic.


Layer 2 switching is considered hardware-based bridging because it uses specialized hardware called an______?
Ch 5 pg 144

application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). ASICs can run up to gigabit speeds with very low latency rates.


__________is the time measured from when a frame enters a port to the time it exits a port. Ch 5 pg 144



is essentially used to learn the MAC addresses of all nodes and their associated port, to filter incoming frames whose destination MAC addresses are located on the same incoming port, and to forward incoming frames to the destination MAC through their associated port

transparent bridging


A humidifying system should be used to maintain the level above_______percent. Ch 5 pg 147



When a server room becomes too hot what happens to some of the equipment? Ch 5 pg 147

servers start rebooting and appliance CPU's start overworking which could lead to system failure.


What two major things should you have in your data center to make sure your equipment doesn't over heat and keep the servers up and running in case of power failure? Ch 5 pg 147

heavy duty HVAC