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SNMP uses_________ to transfer messages back and forth between the management system and the agents running on the managed devices.

p. 761



what are 3 ways to back up your documentation?

p. 761

An electronic copy that you can easily modify after configuration changes
A hard copy in a binder of some sort, stored in an easily accessible location
A copy on an external drive to keep in a really safe place (even off site) in case something happens to the other two or the building or part of it burns to the ground.


What are 3 software packages that can assist you with network diagrams?
pg 762

Microsoft Visio, SmartDraw,CAD


what are the 7 areas in your organization that you would use these programs to make diagrams of your network?
pg 762

Wiring diagrams/ schematics
Physical network diagrams
Logical network diagrams
Schematics and Diagrams
Asset Management
IP address Utilization
Vendor Documentation



A____________contains all the physical devices and connectivity paths on your network and should accurately picture how your network physically fits together in glorious detail.
pg 766

physical network diagram


A___________diagram includes things like protocols, configurations, addressing schemes, access lists, firewalls, types of applications, and so on— all things that apply logically to your network.

p. 767

logical network


Define Asset Management?
pg 768

Asset management involves tracking all network assets like computers, routers, switches, and hubs through their entire life cycles.


The ISO has established standards regarding asset management. What are the 4 major parts of the ISO family for asset management?
pg 769



Define ISO 19770-1?
pg 769

19770-1 is a process-related standard that outlines best practices for IT asset management in an organization.


Define ISO 19770-2?
pg 769

19770-2 is a standard for machine encapsulation in the form of an XML file known as a SWID tag of inventory data— allowing users to easily identify what software is deployed on a given device.


Define ISO 19770-3?
pg 769

19770-3 is a standard that provides a schema for machine encapsulation of entitlements and rights associated with software licenses. The records known as ENTs will describe all entitlements and rights attendant to a piece of software and the method for measurement of license/ entitlement consumption.


Define ISO 19770-4?
pg 769

19770-4 allows for standardized reporting of utilization of resources. This is crucial when considering complex datacenter license types and for the management of cloud-based software and hardware (software as a service, or SaaS, and infrastructure as a service, or IaaS).