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What are the three types of popular cables used in modern networking designs: Ch 3 Pg 55

Coaxial,Twisted-pair,Fiber optic


_________ is referred to as coax, contains a center conductor made of copper that’s surrounded by a plastic jacket with a braided shield over it. Ch 3 Pg 55

Coaxial cable,


Which cable does the National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA) require that is fire retardant and creates little or no smoke or poisonous gas
when burned. Ch 3 Pg 55



Thin Ethernet, also referred to as? Ch 3 Pg 56

thinnet or 10Base2


What is the radio grade of Thin Ethernet? Ch 3 Pg 56

Radio Grade 58, or just RG-58.


This type of cable has four twisted wire pairs (eight wires), rated for 100MHz, but capable of handling the disturbance on each pair that’s caused by transmitting on all four pairs at the same time—a feature that’s needed for Gigabit Ethernet.

Category 5e


What does the e stand for on Cat 5e? Ch 3 Pg 59



What kind of connector should you use on a UTP cable?
Ch 3 Pg 60

registered jack (RJ) (RJ11 or RJ 45)


How many wires does a RJ-11 use and How many does a RJ45 use? Ch 3 Pg 60

RJ-11 for phones that use four wires; RJ-45 has four
pairs (eight wires),


T or F Because fiber-optic cable transmits digital signals using light impulses rather than electricity, it’s immune to EMI and RFI. Ch 3 Pg 61



What are the pros and cons of Fiber optic cable?

Here are the pros:
1) It’s completely immune to EMI and RFI.
2) It can transmit up to 40 kilometers (about 25 miles).

And here are the cons:
1) It’s difficult to install.
2) It’s more expensive than twisted-pair.


This_____is a very high-speed, long-distance media that consists of a single strand—sometimes two strands—of glass fiber that carries the signals. Ch 3 Pg 63

Single-mode fiber-optic cable (SMF)


This fiber optic cable also uses light to communicate a signal, but with it, the light is dispersed on numerous paths as it travels through the core and is reflected back. Ch 3 Pg 63

Multimode fiber-optic cable (MMF)


How far can Multimode fiber-optic cable (MMF) travel?
Ch 3 Pg 63

(up to about 3,000 feet), but beyond that it can be really inconsistent.


What are the two most popular fiber optic connectors? Ch 3 Pg 63

straight tip (ST) and subscriber (or square) connector (SC).


is now the built-in serial bus du jour of most motherboards. Ch 3 Pg 63

Universal Serial Bus (USB)


What are the 4 different types of wiring standards available:

Ch 3 Pg 72

2) 568B
3) Straight-through
4) Crossover


Although signal is measured as bandwidth, the capacity to carry the signal in a cable is measured as what?
Ch 3 Pg 72



In what order are the wires on the 568B wireless standard?

Ch3 Pg 73

Pin 1. white/orange
Pin 3. white/green
Pin 4. blue
Pin 5. white/blue
Pin 7. white/brown
Pin 8.brown


In what order are the wires on the 568A wireless standard? Ch 3 Pg 74

Pin 1. white/green
Pin 3. white/orange
Pin 4. blue
Pin 5. white/blue
Pin 7. white/brown
Pin 8.brown


Crossover cables can be used to connect these devices:
Ch 3 Pg 75

Switch to switch
Hub to hub
Host to host
Hub to switch
Router direct to host


A newer type of wiring distribution point called a______has replaced most telephone wire installations and is also used for computer networking.

110 block


This is the last point of responsibility of the service provider. ch 3 pg 79

demarc (short for demarcation)


The length of copper or fiber that begins after the demarc but still doesn’t reach all the way up to your office is referred to as a_______? ch 3 pg 80

demarc extension


_________is a wiring point that’s generally used as a reference point for telephone 3 pg 79

main distribution frame (MDF)