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Is size helpful w/ diagnosis of non regen. anemia?

No- usually normocytic. Exception is FeLV which cuases


What is specific w/ anemia due to bone marrow problems?

All cell line decreased.
• If a red cell production problem onlyà
o hypoplasia (red cell production decreased)
o Aplasia- no red cell production.


What are causes of aplastic anemia?

• Infection- ehrlichia, felv. (EIA); Immune mediated destruction, drugs (trimethoprim, sulfadizine, cephalosporin, phenobarbital in dogs and chemicals.
• Estrogen in dogs and ferretsè iatrogenic, granulosa cell tumors, sertoli cell tumors, unsprayed female ferrets.
• Medateid by the thymus, marrow suppression preceded by initial thrombocytosis and neutrophilia.


Is pure red cell aplasia common?

No rarely ever seen. – immune mediated destruction of RBC
precursors. FELV can cause select depression of just red cells.


Examples of erythroid hypoplasia (intrinsic?) extrinsic?

Meylodysplasia, Leukemia, Immune mediated destruction of RBC precursors
• Chronic renal dz, endocrine disorder, inflame. Dz


What occurs w/ animals w/ anemia of renal dz?

insufficient EPO, uremic toxin build up, excess PTH (can lead to rubber jaw), hypocalcaemia, bleeding tendencies


What are issues w/ anemia of inflammatory dz?

Mild to moderate anemia, low serum iron, increased storage
iron, RBC suppression can be due to unavailability of iron or
inflame. Cytokines


What is the pathophysiology of anemia of infalmmatory dz?

LPS and IL6 (inflame. Cytokine) induce liver production of Hepcidin (regulates iron homeostasis)- inhibits cell efflux of Fe by binding to and inducing internalization and degredation of ferroportin (transports fe out of cells). LPS down regulates divalent metal 1 ttransporter expression in GI(dec. duodenanl Fe absorption) and
also down regulates ferroptin expression (decrease fe release from
fe stores in macros and lhepatocytes.
• Cytokines upregulate DMT1 on macros- increase Fe taken into
macros. IL10 increases transferring receptors on macros- increase
uptake of Fe.
• TNF alpha , IL1, 6, 10 upregulate ferritin expression, promoting
storage and retention
o All result in decreased Fe in transport function pools limiting Ffe for erythopoeisis


What are endocrine related anemia’s?

• Hypoparathyroidismà mild anemia (decreased metabolic rate)
• Hypoadrenocroticism- mild anemia masked by dehydration. Unclear


Cats with FeLV can develop this to cause an anemia?

erythremic myelosis or meyloproliferative disorder (red cell leukemia)


What do glucocorticoisteroids do for RBC?

Increase RBC production. Animal w/ cushing- increase leves of
cortisol- increase PCV. Also will see increase Nuclaeted red blood cellsà decrease the macrophage activityà normaly removed by macros in the spleen.
• Hypoadrenocorticsmà mild anemia w/ addesins. (don’t se stress leukograms w/ addisons.


4 things to cause anemia of just red cell aplasia?

Intrinsic to bone marrow -something directed toward precursor),
anemia of inflammatory dz, anemia of endocrine disorder, anemia of renal dz (extrinsic to bone marrow)- perfrom a biochm to see BUN, creatinine, phsohtpate, calcium etc.
• Any time you have decreased renal output- increase phosphorous


most common cause of nonregenerative anemia in domestic animals

most common cause of nonregenerative anemia in domestic animals—> anemia of chronic dz / inflammatory dz. animals that have inflammation often are mildly anemic.