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What are symptoms of a Retinal Detachment?

Shadow spreading across the vision of one eye.
Blank spot or curtain / cobwebs
Bright flashes of light or showers of dark spots or floaters.
NO pain


What should you do if you suspect a retinal detachment?

Immediate referral is imperative! RED light


How does a retinal detachment appear in an ophthalmoscope?

The detached area may appear grey or brownish-green in comparison to nearby normal orange-hued tissue. Sometimes a horse-shoe shaped tear can be seen.


What has happened in a retinal detachment?

The sensory layers of the retina have separated from the pigmented epithelium, allowing fluid to seep underneath weakening the attachment so that the retina becomes detached.


Whom do retinal detachments usually occur in?

Middle aged and older. Rare in young adults.