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What is Proximal Illumination used for?

A silhouetted image is created which helps determine the general size, shape and location of an opaque object obscured by overlying soft tissue, such as embedded foreign bodies.


How is Proximal Illumination preformed?

Illumination: Moderately narrow silt of light is directed to strike adjacent to the area of interest.
Microscope: low to moderate magnification depending on the size of the area of interest. You will be viewing adjacent to the light beam.


What is Sclerotic Scatter used for?

To observe any disturbances in corneal transparency, deposits, scars, edema, opacities or pathology.


How is Sclerotic Scatter preformed?

Illumination: Wide beam of light directed at the temporal limbus. The light will be reflected throughout the cornea creating a halo around the cornea when in the proper position.
Microscope: Low magnification or the naked eye. View the pathology at the right angle to the light source.