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What is Narrow Angle Glaucoma (Angle-Closure Glaucoma)?

Raise in IOP caused by the iris against the cornea closing part or all of the drainage angle. Rare, Sudden onset.


What are symptoms of Narrow Angle Glaucoma?

Inflammation of the eye
Excruciating pain often accompanied by nausea and or vomiting
Severe headache
Moderate pupil dilation that is non-reactive to light
Blurring and decreased V/A
Extremely sensitive to light/ halos


Sometimes the Cornea and the iris stick to to each other (anterior synechia) what is the result?

Permanent closure in that section


Sometimes the iris and lens stick to each other (postier synechia) what is the result?

Decreasing the flow of aqueous to the anterior chamber and possibly causing the iris to bow forward and closing the angle.


Who does Angle Closure Glaucoma usually affect?

More frequent in hyperoptic px, increases with age
Some Asians are at higher risk


What can precipitate an attack?

Dilation ex fear, arousal, movie theaters, dilating drops


What are the symptoms during an attack of Angle-closure glaucoma?

Severe pain that can radiate to the back of the head of down toward the teeth.
Vision may be significantly reduced to light perception because of edematious cornea.
Visual loss is often reversible.


When should you refer to the Opthmologist?

Immediately, this is a medical Emergency.