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What is a contagious behaviour?

An instinctive or reflexive behaviour triggered by the occurrence of the same behaviour in another individual.


Define generalised imitation.

The tendency to imitate a new modeled behaviour in the absence of any specific reinforcement for doing so.


Define observational learning.

The behaviour of a model is witnessed by an observer, changing the observer's behaviour.


Explain the personal process rule.

A personal rule that indicates the specific process by which a task is to be accomplished.


Give another name for the personal process rule.

Implementation intention.


What is a personal rule (or self-instruction)?

A verbal description of a contingency that we present to ourselves to influence our behaviour.


Define rule.

A verbal description of a contingency.


What is rule-governed behaviour?

Behaviour that has been generated through exposure to rules.


What is say-do correspondence?

A close match between what we say we are going to do and what we actually do at a later time.


What is stimulus enhancement?

Directing attention to a particular place or object, making it more likely that the observer will approach that place or object.


Define true imitation.

Duplicating a novel behaviour (or sequence of behaviours) to achieve a specific goal.


What is a vicarious emotional response?

A classically conditioned emotional response resulting from seeing that emotional response exhibited by others.