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Following a lightning strike, an ASR should be filed. What needs to be mentioned in the ASR?

The effect of the strike on instrumentation or systems - if no affect - this should be stated

OMA 11.4


Avoidance of RT confusion - if there is a risk of confusion - what should you ask from ATC?

Request permission to change to the a/c regn eg Speedbird G-STBA

OMA 8 28 1 g


If no voice comms during pushback with ground crew, engine start should be ...

accomplished on stand or after push and the park brake is set

OMA 8 28 2 a


Unless otherwise promulgated, min height for turns is...

400 ft AAL

OMA 8 28 3 b


To avoid a large storm, the flight crew should make decisions while still XX nm from it

40 nm

OMA 8 28 5 a


Avoid all yellow, red, or magenta weather radar returns by at least XX nm

20 nm

OMA 8 28 5 a


Avoid all GREEN, yellow, red, and magenta weather radar returns of cells taller than 28,000 ft by at least XX nm

20 nm

OMA 8 28 5 a


Cells exceeding XXXXX ft should be considered extremely hazardous and further separation (in addition to the 20 nm) should be used

35,000 ft

OMA 8 28 5 a


If the top of cell is at or above XXXXX ft, do not overfly it to minimise the possibility of encountering turbulence

25,000 ft

OMA 8 28 5 a


Do not attempt to penetrate a cell or clear its top by less than XXXX ft vertically, otherwise the aircraft may encounter severe turbulence

5,000 ft

OMA 8 28 5 a


Windshear encountered on take-off or approach must be reported to ATC immediately by R/T if considered a hazard, giving details of

height and severity


Severe windshear is considered to be uncontrollable changes from normal steady flight conditions below XXXX ft AGL, in excess of the following:

• 15 kts indicated airspeed.

• 500 fpm vertical speed.

• 5° pitch attitude

• 1 dot displacement from the glideslope/glidepath.

• Unusual thrust levels for a significant period of time.


On departure, if severe windshear is reported or forecast... If the nature or severity of the windshear cannot be determined, what MUST be used

DO NOT TAKEOFF Full thrust must be used


Reduced thrust may be used if any windshear expected during or after take-off is caused by strong winds not associated with...

CBs or frontal activity


Windshear Go-around

On aircraft fitted with aural windshear warning systems, if a GPWS “Windshear” warning is received, a windshear Go-Around must be carried out.

Exceptionally, in conditions of extreme turbulence associated with strong winds and NOT XXX or YYY, a warning may be treated as advisory provided that this warning has been anticipated, briefed for in the Approach Briefing and appropriate allowance made (speed increase?).

Cb or frontal activity


If a significant temperature inversion is forecast or there is reasonable evidence of its presence owing to conditions (i.e. XXX - 3 points) and the temperature is above YYY, ZZZ should be added to the reported tower temperature in order to calculate RTOW and applicable reduced thrust.

clear, calm, conditions at night

ISA + 15°C



In order that incapacitation is detected before it becomes operationally critical all Crew Members should suspect a subtle incapacitation if there is no response to: (2 answers)

• Two verbal communications, or

• Any verbal communication associated with a significant deviation from an SOP or a standard flight profile.


If a pilot appears to be in any way incapacitated for no obvious reason, the flight crew should ...

don oxygen masks without delay


Operations on runways equipped with rigged arrester cables:

Landing aircraft will cross over the approach cable (which must be XXX) at high speed and the overrun cable (which must be YYY) at a much lower speed, as such the landing distance available (LDA) is ZZZ

When taxying over a “Rigged and Up” cable, avoid the nose wheel striking the rubber donuts and do not exceed a maximum taxi speed of AA kts.

Rigged and Down

Rigged and Up

LDA not reduced

25 kts

OMA 8 28 8 e


Fuel Jettison

What 3 items must be entered in the Aircraft Maintenance Log and in an ASR following fuel jettison?

The time and place of jettison, and estimated quantity of fuel jettisoned

OMA 8 28 9 b


For all aircraft types, any fire shall be considered
as a full emergency, and a XXX call will be made



In all cases of a contained engine failure, a XXX call will be made on two engined aircraft



The definition of MAYDAY and PAN:

• “Mayday”: a condition of being threatened by serious and/or imminent danger and of requiring immediate assistance.

• “PAN”: a condition concerning the safety of an aircraft or other vehicle, or of some person on board or within sight, but which does not require immediate