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What is statistical infrequency

A less common characteristic when compared to the general population


What does deviation from social norms mean

Behaviour that is different from the social standard


A03: statistical infrequency application

Strength: assessment of patients with mental disorders involves some comparison to social norms,therefore useful part of clinical assessment due to its real life application


A03: statistical infrequency unusual characteristics

Limitation: unusual characteristics can be positive e.g. high IQ scores are abnormal, and don't require treatment therefore stat infrequency should never be used alone for diagnostics


A03: statistical infrequency labels

Limitation: Not everyone benefits from a label, labels can cause a negative effect on the way they view themselves & how others view them. Also if they are living a happy life there is no benefit to being labelled as abnormal


A03: deviation from social norms culture

Limitation: cultural norms differ so others may be be seen as abnormal from other groups when using their standard.e.g. hearing voices is accepted in one culture but not the uk. therefore creates problems for people living in different culture groups


A03: deviation from social norms human rights

Limitation: can lead to systematic abuse of human rights*****