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When did the "earth" form and how?

4.5 billion years old

Gas & dust in the

solar nebulae - gas & dust swirling around
* formed planets and sun (star)


When did life first emerge?

3.8 billion years


What is paleontology?

Study of prehistoric life, including how organisms evolved & how they interacted with their environment


What are fossils?

The principal type of evidence about prehistoric life

Sap, tar, & rock impress an organism & give skeletal structure of that animal


Were dinosaurs (crustaceous period) one of the first organisms on the earth? Did they live with people?

No not one of the first

No did not live with people & dinosaurs


How did life begin on earth?

Simple, single-cellular organisms
Prokaryotic - no nucleus
Remained for about half of life's history


When did the first multi-cellular plants & fungi emerge?

1.2 - 1.7 billion years ago

Ex. Algae & Bacteria

Algae was first photosynthetic organism


When did the first multicellular animals emerge?

580 million years ago


When did anatomically modern humans (homosapian-sapian) emerge?

200,000 years ago


What is a eukaryote and how did it emerge?

Eukaryote - cell with a nucleus

Prevailing theory is that

1. a larger prokaryote engulfed a smaller prokaryote

2. and the smaller prokaryote became the nucleus


With photosynthetic plants & algae emerging, what began to happen?

1. Oxygen was released into the atmosphere

2. Causing more animals to emerge

3. Water animals came onto the land


Nebulae & gas can form?

Protostars - "before-they-are-stars"