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What is the Theory of Plate Tectonics?

All of the earth's continents were once joined together as a super-continent


What is the super-continent called?



What helps support the continental drift?

1. Seafloor spreading
- seafloor is constantly breaking apart
- lava comes up
- extrusive rock hardens expanding the plates
2. "Puzzle Piece" argument
3. Fossil records
- organisms only existing in regions that used to touch
Ex. East coast of South America & West Coast of Africa


What do shifting plates cause?

1. Earthquakes
2. Volcanos
3. Mountain building


What are the three types of plate movements?

1. Convergent
Ex. common in mountains
- plates push together causing plates to go under other plates
* reason we see various heights of mountain ranges
2. Divergent
- go apart
Ex. Atlantic sea floor
3. Transform
- plates sliding past one another


Where is the "Ring of Fire" located?

In the Pacific Ocean
** Pacific Plate
- causes a lot of earthquakes in the western US and eastern Asia


Explain the difference of soft ground vs. Hard ground in earthquakes

In hard ground frequency travels easier causing it to fizzle out quicker

In soft ground frequency travels slower
- causing it to hang around longer with a higher amplitude
- causing more damage