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What are days based on?

Days are based on Earth's rotation


What are months based on?

Months are based on the Moon's revolution around


What are years based on?

Years are based on the Earth's revolution around the Sun


What are seasons caused by?

Season are caused by the Earth's tilt on its axis. As it revolves around the Sun, the tilt causes each hemisphere to receive more direct exposure at certain times in its orbit


Explain winter and summer

Winter -
When the north is pointed away from the sun

Summer -
When the north is pointed toward the sun


What are the winter and summer solstices?

Winter solstice -
When the north is pointed as far away north as possible

At the same time

Summer solstice -
When the south is pointed as far south as possible


Explain the vernal equinox (spring)
Autumnal equinox (fall)


When north has fall(autumnal) equinox
South has vernal(spring) equinox
Vice versa