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Symptoms from giardia lamblia

Most people infected with Balantidium coli => no symptoms. ACUTE SYMPTOMS Diarrhoea Greasy stools that tend to float Stomach or abdominal cramps Upset stomach or nausea/vomiting Dehydration (loss of fluids)


Treatment and diagnosis of giardia lamblia

Stool exam (cysts or trophozoites) Treatment: metronidazole/tinidazole


How do you catch trichomonas compared to other flagellate giardia lamblia

Trichomonas= Exclusively Transmitted sexually giardia lamblia= water- borne


How common Is trichomoniasis

It is estimated to be the most common, curable, non-viral sexually transmitted infection in the UK, with nearly 6000 new cases per year.


Where the infection of trichomoniasis

In women the organism is found in the vagina, urethra and paraurethral glands; in men infection is usually of the urethra.


Symptoms of trichomoniasis infection

F: 10-50% none. Vaginal discharge, vulval itching, dysuria, or offensive odour (non-specific) Male: 15 to 50% of men are asymptomatic. discharge and/or dysuria.


Complication of trichomoniasis infection

Detrimental outcome on pregnancy and is associated with preterm delivery and low birth weight.


Implication of trichomoniasis for HIV+

There is growing evidence that trichomonas infection may enhance HIV transmission and there may be an increased risk of TV infection in those that are HIV positive.


Diagnosis and treatment of trichomoniasis

Diagnosis Microscopy: Detection of motile trichomonads in swab/urine- Trichomonas Rapid Test Treatment metronidazole


Types of metazoa

Roundworms, flatworms, flukes


What type of organisms are metazoa

Metazoa= helminths Complex muticellular parasites


What are the lifecycles of metazoan like

Cycles may involve insect vectors and intermediate hosts


T/f few metazoan infections are zoonoses

T For most, humans are the definitive host - few are zoonoses (acquired from animals)


T/f you can consume a worm and have a helminth infection

F: Adult worms cannot multiply in man - number of adults related to infection (eggs cause the problem) (lay eggs/microfilaria, larvae)


Highest burden of helminth infection what age



What is the commonest helminth infection worldwide

Ascariasis Trichuriasis Hookworm infection Schistosomiasis