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Treatment of uncomplicated and complicated malaria

Uncomplocated: -chloroquine Severe: -Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) for P. Falciparum


Diagnosis of malaria

blood film, Giemsa stained or rapid antigen staining test


Toxoplasmosis infection type and route of infection. Who is it a problem in

Toxoplasma gondii  • eating undercooked meat of animals harboring tissue cysts • consuming food or water contaminated with cat feces • by contaminated environmental samples • blood transfusion •  transplacentally from mother to fetus. PROBLEM IN PREGNANT WOMEN AND IMMUNOSUPPRESSED PEOPL


What is effect of toxopasma gondii in immunocompromised people

develop central nervous system disease, brain lesions, pneumonitis or retinochoroiditis among other risks.


How is toxoplasma gondii diagnosed

Serological test


What does cryptosporidium cause

diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting in humans


What is the typical patient for cryptosporidiu

very common in HIV+ patients presenting with diarrhea.


Diagnosis and treatment for cryptosporidium

Diagnosis: stool examination. Treatment: fluid rehydration.


Example of ciliates

Balantidium coli =Balantidiasis


Reservoir for balantidium coli

pigs, rodents, primates Worldwide distruution


Symptoms for balantidium coli

Most people infected with Balantidium coli => no symptoms. Immunocompromised patients may experience more severe signs and symptoms: persistent diarrhea, dysentery, abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea, and vomiting. If left untreated, perforation of the colon can occur.


Diagnosis of balantidium coli? is it treatable

Stool Yes


Example of flagellates

Giardia lamblia (Giardiasis) Trichomonas Leishmania


How common is giardia lamblia- where is it found

Giardiasis: commonest, globally distributed, water-borne protozoal infection.


What is a trophozoite

a growing stage in the life cycle of some sporozoan parasites, when they are absorbing nutrients from the host.


Outline life cycle of giardia lamblia How can they be excluded from drinking water

Flagellated trophozooites attach by their suckers to surface of the duodenal or jejunal mucosa Ovoid cysts are able to survive standard chlorination procedures, filtration is required to exclude them from drinking water