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Why was Britain a leader in Industrialization?

increase in food production
rapid growth in population (surplus labor)
ready supply of capital investment (money)
central bank and credit facilities
people interested in making profit
rich supply of mineral resources
small country
construction of bridges and roads
a good supply of markets
merchant marines
produced high demand articles cheaply


Who created the steam engine?

James Watt


Identify causes that would impede industrialism

lack of technological knowledge
factory owners had to create a new system where they did the same tasks over and over
lack of a good system of internal transportation
United States did not possess a large number of crafts people (British East India Company)


Know the outcomes of the various Revolutions in 1848

Louis-Phillippe overthrown in france Feb 1848
Revolt in Austrian empire (Prussia/Germany) Hungary demanded its own legislature
June - revolt in Paris
June 1848- Austrian military forces suppressed the Czech rebels in Prague
Oct- Austria put down revolts
Nov- established republic
December- Napoleon Bonaparte got elected


When did Greece attain independence and from which empire

1830 from Ottomans


Why was Britain so stable, yet french was full of revolution in the 1800s?

they had the same leader, Queen Victoria
france had Charles X
Louis Phillipe who was overthrown, Napoleon- had a lot of domestic problems had a lot of issues with Germany and spain
continuing economic growth and their parliamentary system made them stable
lack of strong ruler


Identify causes and effects of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870

foreign policy failures


Who are major leaders of Latin American Revolutions?

Simon Bolivar- Venezuela
Jose de san martin- Argentina
Augustin de Iturbide
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla- Mexico
Ponciano Arriaga- Mexican protestor


What did the United States gain after the spanish american war?

Cuba-protectorate- 1898
Puerto Rico- Annexed (made austerritroy)


What is social darwinism? How is it utilized during Imperialism?

The belief that societies were organisms that evolved through time from a struggle with their environment
applied to human society in a more radical way by nationalists and racists in their purist of national greatness
the idea of survival of the fittest justifies war
led to anti semitism


What is the purpose of the Berlin Conference?

The Berlin Conference had been convened to avert war and reduce tensions among European nations competing for the spoils of Africa


Which area remained independent during this time period in Africa?

Transuaal and the Orange Free state


What contributes to the rise of nationalism throughout Europe and Asia?

The beginnings of modern nationalism can be found in the initial resistance by the indigenous peoples to the colonial conquest


What is the sepoy mutiny?

the sepoys were native troops hired by the east india company to protect british interests in the region. unrest within them
they didn't like new gun
the British wanted to use because it used animal fat and they had to bite off Cartridge and it was against religion- it led to revolt


Describe the effects of the Opium trade in China, and the tensions that resulted from continued British trade

China didn't like the British trading Opium and the British launched a naval expedition to punish the Manchus and force the court to open China to foreign trade. Opium war


What are the "spheres of influence"

a territory or region over which an outside nation exercises political or economic influence


Who was sent to Japan to aid in American interest on the island?

Matthew Perry


Who fought in the Boxer Rebellion?

The Chinese Boxer attacked foreign residents. The Boxers lost a number of temples and the Chinese governors had to pay huge indemnity (tax)


How did Japan flourish under the Meiji restoration?

once in power, the new leaders launched a comprehensive reform of Japanese political, social, economic and cultural institutions and values
agricultural tax was good for governments
women could get educated
they became a modern society


What caused the Russo-Japanese war?

Rivalry with Russia over Korean influence. Japan did surprise attack in 1905 after Japanese
War-ships sunk almost the entire Russian fleet off the coast of Korea, the Russians agreed to a humiliating peace


How did Japanese Imperial ambitions lead to a loss of territory by Russia and China?

they lost the Liaodong peninsula
they had to give it up when the Japanese sunk ships, part of term was to give up influence in Korea
China lost port Arthur to Japan in a treaty