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Parsons - functional fit theory:

Geographically mobile workforce
A social mobile workforce

Primary socialisation of children
Stabilisation of adult personalities

= will effect the shape/structure of the family (nuclear or extended)


- family functions

- stable satisfaction of sex drive
- reproduction of the next generation
- socialisation of the Young
- meeting the economics needs (food and shelter)


Why do Marxist criticise murdocks functions of the family ?

It meets the needs of capitalism not the family or society


Why do Feminists criticise murdocks functions of the family ?

See family as serving the needs of men and oppressing women


Marxist view on family

- inheritance of property
- ideological functions
- unit of consumption
(- prop the the capitalist system?)


What are the 4 different types of feminists to do with the family?

- liberal
- Marxist
- Radical
- difference


What do LIBERAL feminists believe about the family?

- want to ensure there is equal rights, against sex discrimination
- women’s oppression is changing for the better as people’s attitudes are changing
- there is great equality


What do MARXIST feminists believe about the family?

- women’s oppression is not men but CAPITALISM:
• women reproduce the labour force
• suffer explorations like DV
• cheap labour for women


What do RADICAL feminists believe about the family?

- men are the enemy
- family and marriage key institutions of patriarchy

- unpaid domestic labour


What do DIFFERENCE feminists believe about the family?

- argue that all women are different and go through different experiences of the family
- lesbian, heterosexual, white, black, m/c, w/c = all different experience

We can’t generalise


5 types of family...

1. Relationship with friends
2. Fictive kin
3. Gay and lesbian ‘chosen family’
3. Relationship with dead relative man
4. Relations with pets

People make their own family, not just one


Donor-conceived children

Found the egg donor-conceived children = raising a child ‘that’s what makes a mother and not the cell that starts it odd’