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Shock come from

A discharge of static electricity from your body to an object


Discharge can be seen

As a spark


The total positive electric charge in the nucleus is

Balanced by the total negative charge of the electrons around the nucleus.


If you remove one or more electrons

The atoms is no lined neutral but positively charged


If you rub two different types of materials against each other

Some of the electrons can be transferred from one material to the other. This leaves one negatively charged (material that picked up electrons) and other materials is positively charged (material that lost electrons)


Only electrons

Can be transferred from one material to the other


Static electricity has

Potential energy. This energy comes from the energy spent on the running process


How lightning is formed

When wind blows thunderclouds, it creates friction between the ice particles and water droplets in the cloud, which move past each other in the atmosphere.
Thus friction is responsible for a very high electrostatic charge build-up inside the cloud.
If the electrostatic charge becomes high enough, it discharges in the form of a lightning bolt to the earth.


The energy in a lightning bolt is

Very high and can cause severe damage and death with a fraction of a second


Lightning discharge usually

Hits high points


Protection against lightning

Lightning conductors provide a safe path for electricity to travel to the earth.a metal rod with the bottom end buried in the soil and the top end attached to a sharpened.
Hide in the lowest possible position if outside.
Stay clear of bodies of water or tall trees.
Seek shelter.
When inside, avoid showering, taking baths or washing dishes.
Avoid using appliances that conduct electricity, such as landlines and televisions.
Stay inside half an hour after you hear thunder or last see lightning

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