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What is the pneumonic for the gas laws triangle?



Which corner does the gas law triangle start?

right corner


State Boyle's law

The volume of a given mass of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to the pressure, provided that the temperature remains constant
If the pressure double, the volume will decrease by one-half(as long as the temp remains constant)


If you have 500 ml of oxygen at the press of 1520 mmHg(2 atms), what volume would be present at 760 mmHg(1 atms) if the temperature did not change? What law applies?

~1000 ml
~halving the pressure to 760 mmHg while maintaining temperature constant doubles the volume.
~Boyle's law applies


Whose law explained what happens when applying press to a rebreather bag?

Boyle's law
Putting pressure on a bag(squeezing it) causes the volume to decrease


A patient sitting in a chair and breathing spontaneously. Whose gas law applies?

Boyle's law
At constant temp, the volume of gas in the lungs varies inversely with intrapulmonary pressure.
When intrapulmonary pressure becomes negative(decreases), intrapulmonary volume increases.


Whose law is the basis for whole body plethysmography to estimate functional residual capacity?

Boyle's law


Whose law explains the operation of a bellows ventilator?

Boyle's law


A full E cylinder will empty 625 - 675 liters into the atmosphere. What law applies? Explain.

Boyle's law
Pressure and volume are inversely related, if temp is constant.
A relative small volume of gas is found at high pressure in the cylinder.
When the gas is released into the atmosphere(relatively low pressure), a large volume results.


State Charles' law

The volume of a given mass of an ideal gas is proportional to the absolute temperature, provided that the pressure remains constants
As temperature increases, volume increases(so long as pressure remains constants).


When an ETT is put in an autoclave and the cuff expands, what law applies?

Charles' law.
When temperature increases, the volume of gas in the cuff increases.


What is the mathematical equation that represents Charles' law?

V~T; v/t=k; v1/t1=v2/t2