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What are indications for a Femoral Nerve Block?

For surgeries on:
-Anterior aspect of thigh or medial aspect of lower leg
(ex: repair of quadriceps tendon, quadricep muscle bx, saph vein stripping, BKA, ACL repair, TKA, Femoral shaft fracture)


What nerve innervates the ability to extend the leg/knee?

Femoral Nerve


What nerve innervates the ability to bend knee/flex leg?

Sciatic Nerve


If you needle is too anterior and medially what 2 muscles will you see twitches on?



T or F: The anterior and posterior component of the femoral nerve are BOTH below the Fascia Iliaca.



If you are attempting to reach the posterior compartment(branch) of Femoral nerve and you have twitches in the Sartorial and Pectinous muscles, what should you do?

-redirect your needle laterally and insert 1-3 mm deep to reach the posterior component


T or F: In some individuals, the Inguinal Ligament and the Femoral crease will not be the same.

-thin people more same


Where is the Inguinal Ligament?

-it attaches anteriorly to the anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic tubercle


While doing a femoral nerve block, should you be above or below the inguinal ligament?

-If above, you are in the bowel


Do femoral nerve block serve as the sole anesthetic?

Almost always a FNB only is an adjunct to anesthesia


Is there any single nerve blockade that can block the entire leg?

no, have to be coupled with other blocks


What Plexus does the femoral nerve come off from?

-The Lumbar Plexus
-The Anterior Plexus of the lower limb


What are the contraindications for a femoral nerve block?

-previous femoral vascular graft
-large inguinal lymph nodes or tumor
-preexisting femoral neuropathy


If a patient is admitted to the hospital, has a +MRSA nasal swab is it ok to do a femoral nerve block?

-as long as the patient doesn't have an active outbreak of infection at the site


If you perform a regional anesthetic and decrease neural flow/sensation/movement to an area that has already been compromised, it is called what?

-Double Crush Syndrome
-If this happens, probably will not return to baseline


Which nerve is the largest nerve of the lumbar plexus?

Femoral nerve


What forms the femoral nerve?

-the dorsal divisions of the anterior rami of the L2, L3 and L4 spinal nerves


What are the two branches that the femoral nerve divides into?

-Anterior branch
-Posterior branch
-both are located BELOW the fascia iliaca


What does the posterior branches of the femoral nerve innervate?

-quadriceps muscle
-knee joint, patellar twitch
-saphenous nerve


What does the saphenous nerve innervate?

the skin of the medial aspect of the leg below the knee joint


What is the largest nerve in the body?

Sciatic nerve


Where does the femoral saphenous nerve originate?



How should you position a patient before a femoral nerve block?

supine with ipsilateral(same leg) extremity slightly abducted


Explain the site of needle insertion for femoral nerve block.

-located at the femoral crease
-below the inguinal crease
-immediately lateral(1 cm) to the pulse of the femoral artery
-femoral nerve is beneath the fascia illiaca


What twitch signifies a successful femoral nerve block?

When performing a femoral nerve block, you advance needle through the fascia late until the quad muscle contracts(i.e.--->PATELLAR TWITCH)


What is the typical dose of LA with femoral nerve block?

20 ml


What is the onset and duration of anesthesia and analgesia of 20 ml 0.5% ropivacaine in a femoral nerve block?

onset: 15-30 min
anesthesia: 4-8 hours
analgesia: 5-12 hours


What is the onset and duration of anesthesia and analgesia of 20 ml 0.5% bupivacaine in femoral nerve block?

onset: 15-30 min
anesthesia: 5-15 hours
analgesia: 8-30 hours


What are 5 femoral nerve block complications?

1. hematoma
2. vascular puncture
3. nerve injury
4. catheter infection
5. instruct patient on the inability to bear weight on the blocked extremity


During a femoral nerve block, a vein or artery is punctured. Should you redirect the needle medially or laterally?

Laterally, NEVER medially