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What are the indications of pool therapy?

warm temp is relaxing
warm temp can decrease the perception of pain
Buoyancy can be useful to decrease strength necessary to move in cases of severe weakness. can also decease the weight on diseased or damaged joints or bones.
Water can be used as a resistance during exs
Standing and walking balance can be improved
swimming can develop cadrio endurace


What are the Contraindications of pool therapy?

open wounds that can't be adequately covered
pts with isolation precautions
uncontrolled seizures
severe cardiac disease


What are the precautions of pool therapy?

Multiple sclerosis (will pass out with heat)
Possible infection sites
G-tubes (feeding tube)
pts with orthostatic hypertension


Standard Temperature Classifications

Cold - 55-65
Cool 65-80
Tepid 80-94
Warm 94-98
Hot 98-104
Very Hot 104-113