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What is pulsatile Lavage?

a device that delivers a stream of saline solution at a pressure of 4-15 PSI to an open wound area separate infectious organisms and loosely held necrotic tissues.


Why don't we use a psi greater than 15?

Can be painful to the pt. and may drive organisms INTO the pt.


What are the precautions of Pulsatile Lavage?

Heath-care workers should wear personal protective equipment.
Patients should wear surgical masks
All patient IV lines should be covered during treatment
Treat in a private room with easily washable surfaces
No open supply shelves are allowed in the area
The room should be cleaned and disinfected after each procedure and at the end of the day.
Personnel should be thoroughly trained in proper technique for each device.


How Many Times Should Pulsatile Lavage be done?

Only once. Doing more than once scows healing process = bad news bears.