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What are the Guidelines for Creating a Sterile Field? (8)

1. All items in sterile field must be sterile
2. When a sterile container is opened, the edges are not sterile
3. Gowns are Sterile in the front and Down to Table
4. Tables are only sterile at the top
5. Only Sterile persons & items may enter a sterile area. Only sterile items can pass over sterile area.
6. Sterile personnel must stay in sterile area to remain sterile. they cannot lean or touch non-sterile areas.
7. Penetration of a sterile barrier contaminates the field. If the sterile surfaces become wet, it is no longer considered sterile.
8. If there is an doubt, consider an area or item non-sterile.


How do you create a Sterile Field?

1. Select a clean, dry surface.
2. Cover with a sterile cloth
3. Add required sterile items from sterile packages
4. Pour Sterile Fluids


What is the "Order of Donning?"

1. Scrub Cap
2. Mask
3. Show Covers
4. Wash
5. Gown
6. Glove