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What are the indications for Vapocoolant Sprays?

Myofascial pain
Muscle spasm
Restricted motion


What are the contraindications for Vapocoolant spray?

Hypersensitivity to 11133 pentafloropropane or 1112tertaethane
Diabetes - b/c diabetes skin doesn't take well to insult & is hard to replace.


What are the precautions of vapocoolant spray?

Do not spray near face, on open wounds, or on abraded skin.
Use care with poor circulation or insensitive skin
do not freeze the skin as it can alter skin pigment
vapocoolants are for external use only.


What is the procedure used to apply vapocoolant spray?

1. Identify trigger point, or tight muscle.
2. have the pt in a comfortable position
3. protect the pts eyes, nose, mouth from spray.
4. Hold the can upright at a distance 12-18 inches and spray at a 30* angle
5. Spray in parallel swoops 1/2 to 1 inch apart and spray at a rate of 4 inch/sec.
6. passively stretch the muscle during the spray application. gradually increase the force as the muscle relaxes.
7. If necessary, the muscle may be rewarmed and procedure repeated.