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Give one reason why the middle-classes supported the Poor Law Amendment Act?

cost to the local ratepayer, attitudes towards the poor/working class, ideas of self help


Give one reason why the middle-classes opposed the Poor Law Amendment Act?

victorian values, christian ethos/evangelism, popular literature, reports into poverty, middle-class responsibility to the w-c/poor


When did the Huddersfield scandal happen?



What was the Huddersfield Workhouse Scandal? Give 2 points.

ill people sharing beds with dead bodies, lice-ridden beds, typhus outbreak


What provision did the Metropolitan Poor Act of 1867 provide?

Separate medical facilities for inmates


Which prominent pressure group leader opposed the Poor Law Amendment Act because of the way it treated labourers?

Richard Oastler


Why was the anti Poor Law Amendment movement successful in the north of England?

The role of Oastler and Sadler, the industrial north was different to the type of work in the south


Why did the local officials invoke the Riot Act in 1835 in Bedfordshire?

Because there was a violent riot opposing the Poor Law Act of 1834 involving 300-500 people


What happened to the workhouse at Bulcamp in Suffolk in 1835?

Attacked by a mob of 200


Why was the Poor Law more effectively implemented in the south despite opposition to it?

industrial north different to agricultural south, poor rate in the north lower because more people were employed, the workhouse system didn't suit the cyclical nature of employment in factories/mills,