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Prophase I

(1) chromosomes coil as homologous chromosomes stick together in pairs swapping corresponding segments


Metaphase I

(2)Homologous pairs align at the center of the cell; spindle fibers attach to one side of the centromeres, moving the chromosomes towards opposite poles of the cell ⬆️⬇️


Anaphase I

(3)Attachments between homologous pairs break; chromosomes migrate towards opposite poles of the cell


Telophase & Cytokinesis I

(4)Haploid chromosome sets arrive at opposite pole before splitting apart becoming daughter cells


Meiosis II

Identical to mitosis; spindle fibers move chromosomes to the center of the cell attaching to chromatids pulling them apart. Sister chromatids move towards opposite sides of the cell as nuclear envelopes form before separating, resulting in four haploid daughter cells