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1) how is it spread?
2) What stages does it have?
3) What is its structure?
4) What symptoms are there?
5) How do you diagnose?
6) How is it treated?

1) unprotected sex
2)only trophozoite, no sexual stages
3) 5 flagella, one fixed to cell membrane
4) strawberry cervix, irritation, increased pH
5) wet mount, culture, PCR
6) Metronidazole, NONOXYL-9 spermicide in condoms


Giardia Lamblia
1) How is it spread?
2) Where does it live?
3) What symptoms does it cause?
4) What is its structure?
5) How is it diagnosed?
6) How is it treated?

1) Cysts, resistant forms that can survive outside of the body, open releasing trophozoites and build new cysts that are released in the faeces
2) small intestine, doesn't penetrate epithelium
3) diarrhoea, flatulance, bloating, abdominal cramps
4) 2 nuclei, 8 flagella, adhesive disc that attaches to intestinal brush border
5) stool examination for cysts, requires 3
6) metronidazole


Entamoeba histolyca
1) What does it cause?
2) Where does it live?
3) What does it cause?
4) How do you diagnose?
5) What are the complications?
6) How is tissue/luminal amoebiasis treated?

1)Amebiasis (dysentry)
2) Colon, invasive as can penetrate wall
3) histolysis, tissue destruction
4) microscopic detection of cysts in feces, found with red blood cells ingested
5) colities, can move around body
6)tissue - metronidazole/tinidazole
luminal - puromycin, diloxanide, tetracycline