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What are Geohelminths

Soil transmitted helminths, intestinal nematodes in which part of the development takes place outside the body
Contact with parasite eggs


What is the definition of infestation

parasitic diseases caused by ectoparasites


Enterobus vermicularis
1) what is it otherwise known as
2) Describe the life cycle
3) Symptoms
4) How is it diagnosed
5) Hows is it treated

1) Pinworm or Threadworm
2) embryonate eggs ingested by human, hatch in small intestine, adults in lumen of cecum migrate to perianal region at night to lay eggs, eggs found on perianal fold
3) pruritus ani, vulvitis, insomnia, NO ANAEMIA OR IMMUNE RESPONSE
4) Copromicroscopical examination
5) Mebendazole


Teichuris trichuria
1) Where does it reside?
2) Describe the life cycle
3) How is it diagnosed
4) Symptoms
5) Treatment

1) caecum, remains attached to epithelium
2) eggs in faeces, 2-cell stage, advanced cleavage, embryonate eggs ingested, larvae hatch in caecum
3) Stool examination (Kato-Katz) egg counts, FLOTAC
4) none, rectal prolapse, anaemia, growth problems, cognitive development
5) Albendazole (not UK) and mebendazole


What is Trichuris dysentry

Heavy infections, can resemble dysentry


Ascaris Lumbricoides
1) What is it otherwise known as?
2) What do the stages of eggs look like?
3) What is diagnosis?
4) What is classed as a heavy infection
5) Symptoms
6) Treatment

1) Roundworm
2)immature, sticky outer layer
3) copromicroscopic, Kato-Katz, FLOTAC
4) >50000 eggs per gram
5) Pneumonia, asthma, (loffler-syndrome) sometimes found in stool, may migrate to brain, eyes. can cause intestinal obstruction or intussusception
6) Albendazole, Mebendazole, Levamisole