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The theory relating to Edward Thorndike



What did Thorndike believe about habits?

The more often you are exposed to something, a habit then forms


What did Thorndike describe all mental processes to be like?

All mental processes can be described as operation of acquired/inherited bonds between stimulus and a response


What are the 3 first laws (Thorndike)?

• the law of readiness
• the law of exercise
• the law of effect


Explain what the Law of Readiness implies

• the degree of preparedness (physical, emotional or developmental) and eagerness to learn


Explain what Law of Exercise implies

• the things that are most often repeated, are best remembered


Explain the Law of Effect

• this is based on the emotional reaction and motivation of the learner
• learning is strengthened with a pleasant/satisfying feeling and weakened with an unpleasant feeling


How did Thorndike believe that learning occurs?

• He believed that learning occurs by Trial and Error (selecting and connecting)
• this will take a number of attempts before the behavior is learnt