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What is the Working Capital Fund (WCF) and what is the WCF made up of?

FAM 76
The WCF is made up of accountable advances, much like a line of credit to pay other accountable advances. The WCF is made up of cash, cash vouchers and credits.


What WCF considerations does the LogO make when deploying/sailing?

# of days away; estimated cost of port services; operational requirements and grants; miscellaneous entitlements, TD estimate and current requirements.


Can you increase the WCF? If so, who approves and by how much?

Yes, N8 can approve an increase IAW justification.


What are the security precautions for public funds?

CFAO 202-2
Change safe combinations every 6 months or on changeover of personnel holding the combination. Office spaces require: easily accessible windows to be protected, walls shall be extended to the true ceiling, doors to be made of solid core construction with tamper-proof hinges and adequate lighting.


How is the Ship's budget determined?

Budget considerations are: OKSKED and historical costs. Budget allocation amendments can occur if the OPSKED changes or there are unforeseen financial pressures. These are identified in the monthly/quarterly reports.
Fleet Resource Mngr uses a costing model that calculates a ship's budget allocation based on days in home port, foreign port and at sea.


What are the different vote funding's?

Vote 1- Operation and Maintenance (O&M), funds normal business.
Vote 5- Capital, funds for non-consumable.
Vote 10- Grants.
C 190- Operational Funding Account (OFA)
C 170 - Joint Exercise Training Account (JETA)


What is commitment control accounting?

The process in where knowing the current free balance of funds available, IOT make decisions to enter into agreement or to spend money.


What is allocation control accounting?

Correctly recording funds received and correctly allocating to other departments.


What is Off Ramping?

Where an activity can be reduced/cancelled IOT provide funds for completed activities. Usually takes place in the last quarter.


What are the Delegations of Authorities (DoA) for the LogO and CO?

LogO- Responsibility Centre Manager
CO- Base Commander and Equivalents, Away from Home Port within Canada, Deployed and Acting CCFP


Where can you find the DoA Matrix?

AFN 100.


How often should DoAs be reviewed?

Annually, CoC, change in incumbent position.


What are the financial signing authorities?

Section 32- Spending Authority encompasses commitment and control authority. Ensuring funds are available and committed. While ensuring expenditure Initiation has been excercised.
Expenditure Initiation- Ability to incur expenditure; Commitment Authority- Ensure sufficient funds are available before entering into a contract or arrangement; and Transaction Authority- To enter into and sign contracts.
Section 33- Payment Authority- Ensures the lawful charge is sufficient and that the charge can be committed to.
Section 34- Certification Authority- To certify entitlement or eligibility for payment.


Can someone certify FAA 33 and FAA 34 on the same transaction?c

No, a person cannot certify FAA 33/34 on the same transaction, nor for something the person can personally benefit from.


What is CCPS?

Central Computerized Pay System, is an automated pay and allowance system.


What are Miscellaneous Requirements (MRs)?

MRs are a project charged as a capital expense (Vote 5). Assets costing $30,000-$5,000,000 shall be treated as an MR.


What is the difference between events and hospitality?

FAM 1017-2, 1017-1

All hospitality are events, however not all events are hospitality.

Event- gathering of public/non-public servants engaged in activities. Includes: management/ staff retreats, conferences, awards. Doesn’t include operational/training activities.

Hospitality-provision of meals/refreshments in events necessary for the effective conduct of government business. Includes: booze, entertainment, local transport, facility rental.


What are the event and hospitality spending limits and time frames

Authority Events Hospitality Days
DM $50K $50K 90
L2 $25K $3K 60
Base Cdr $25K $1K 30
Other RC Mgr $10K $1K
Within Canada $1K

Exceptional hospitality must go to DM.


What is exceptional hospitality?

FAM 1017-1

With appropriate approval for official protocol, hospitality may consist of: Movie/sport tickets, local tours/transport, facility rentals, travel expenses (DND spouses), incidentals


Explain the budget?

N8 Has overall control of the budget. Annual budget allocation is based on OPSKED and historical costs.
F4 RM calculates funds by entering into excel # of days in home port, foreign port, at sea, rations, TD, LCPA.

LogO (RC Manager) allocates funds to the departments. Also pre-commits known costs to determine free balance. Once costs are known funds are then moved to committed (32). Once 34, funds are moved to parked while awaiting 33. Once 33 occurs your actual costs are updated.

Monthly budget reports are provided to F4.
Quarterly reports Q1 (June), Q2 (Sept), Q3 (Dec), Q4 (Mar) are due to F4, which are then provided to N8. You can only expend 25% of planned in Q1.

Courses required to hold a DoA: CDWT, EMC (3 years), Green Procurement. CO needs ADT (5 years)