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What are the NPF Grants?

Physical Fitness and Maintenance Grant (PFMG)- $20.01/person <350, $15.43/person >350. Purpose- To provide/maintain physical fitness equipment (consumables such as yoga mats, skipping ropes, etc., NOT actual equipment), replenished semi annually. May be carried over with RCN Compt. approval.

Reference Library- $475. Purpose- To purchase/maintain books, periodicals, reference documents. Does not carry over (new FY's reduced by unspent)

Reading Room- $300. Purpose- To purchase/ maintain materials not considered reference material (novels, magazine subscriptions, etc.). Does carry over.

Ship’s Fighting Efficiency Fund- $273. Purpose- Used for minor fittings, devices, or equipment that tend to promote general efficiency and are not included in the usual outfit or ships; and entrance fees to small arms competitions. Does Carry over.

Operational Amenities Support Grant- $.10/person =250, $.08/person >250. Purpose- For general benefit of Ship’s company when deployed > 72 hours (RAS candy, movie night popcorn/pops). First and last day away count if greater than 6 hours. Must expend funds prior to return.

Rest and Recreation Fund- $60/deployed month/person, partial months $2/day/person. Purpose- For enhancing morale, well being and quality of life of members (meals at restaurants, tours, movie tickets, hotel rooms, etc...). Cannot be used for alcohol or tobacco. Usually divided between Ship’s Fund and members; 70% members, 30% Ship Fund, recommended by Ship's Fund Committee to CO.


What are the funds provided to an HMC Ship?

Ship’s Fund- $Unlimited. From 50% profit distribution. Initiated and approved by Ship’s Committee. Purpose- To provide personnel support, welfare and general amenities within the Ship.

Representational Expense- $3105 ($915 when deployed 4/ more months). Derivative of Ship’s Fund. Initiated by Ship’s Committee or Mess, approved by CO. Purpose- To meet hospitality, hosting, or protocol obligations of the department, command or Ship.

Commanding Officer’s Fund- $1150 ($310 when deployed 4/ more months). Derivative of Representational Expense. Initiated and approved by CO. Purpose- To meet obligations for which no other source of funding exists.

Commanders Fund- $800. Derivative of CO’s Fund. Initiated by Commander and approved by Commodore. Purpose- To meet obligations for which no other source of funding exists.

Charity Fund- $ Unlimited. From raffles and donations. Initiated by Ship’s Committee and approved by CO. Purpose- To donate to officially registered charity organizations on behalf of the Unit.

Compassionate Travel Fund- $ Unlimited. From raffles and donations. Initiated by Ship’s Committee and approved by CO. Purpose- To provide CO the ability to assist individuals who do not qualify for reimbursement of travel at public expense with the cost of compassionate travel home.

Ship’s Fund Gift Fund- $ Unlimited. From Messes Gift Funds, donations. Initiated by Ship’s Committee and approved by CO. Purpose- To purchase gifts for non-mess members on behalf of the Unit (CO, XO, Cox'n).


How is profit distributed amongst the Messes and Ship’s Fund?

*Onboard REG;
Ships Fund- 50%
MS&Below- 25%
C&PO’s- 15%
Wardroom- 10%


What is the purpose of the Ship's Exchange?

To generate reasonable profit for the Ship's Fund and Messes, as well as, make various amenities available.


NPF Line of Credit?

A line of credit for up to $150,000 that a Ship can request thru N8 prior to sailing on deployment. Upon return to home port the Ship is expected to have a positive balance within 30 days following the end of the deployment.


What is the Canadian Forces Central Fund Loan?

To provide capital to Ship's Exchange, Ship's Fund or Messes intending to make a large capital expenditure (renovations). 4% annual interest rate.


Who can receive sales at cost?

Formation Commander, CANFLTPAC Commander, CO, Honorary Captain, Ship's Fund, other HMC Ship's/NRDs, sales to public funds and other sales approved by the CO.


How are markup/markdowns determined?

Recommended by the Exchange Manager and authorized by the LogO. All stock is returned to the Exchange to maintain consistent selling price. 13.65% markup to account for overhead costs (levy, wages, spoilage).


What is the percentage of sales given to the Base Levy?

2%, monthly.


What is the percentage of sales given to the Canadian Forces Central Fund Levy?

.75%, monthly.


If inventory counts suggest you are missing something what are your actions?

LogO is to identify and resolve any discrepancies and prepare a report to N8 and F4 within 72 hours. If criminal intent is suspected, immediately report to MPs for investigation.


NPF Write off Authorities are?

Type Amount Approval
Cash discrepancy $20 LogO
Warehouse Inventory $50(cost) LogO
Canteen Inventory $50(retail) LogO
$250,000 CO
$250,000-$500,000 Associate DGMWS
$500,000-$1,000,000 DGMWS


Mess Administration?

Mess Committee is consistent of: President of the Mess Committee (PMC, appointed by CO), Secretary, Treasurer (LogO) and others as required (CoffeeO, WineO). Each Mess is to have a Constitution and Standing Authorities. Meetings are to take place quarterly. Mess funds are not to be alienated through gifts, relief of dues/chits, loss/damage of property.


Bar Operations?

Bartenders can be reimbursed, unless part of duties (steward).
Overages- Can be actioned as cash against Mess.
Losses- Recovered from Bar Manager/ Write-off.
Break/spoilage- Against Mess equity or returned to Exchange.


Who's permission do you require to obtain Duty Free?

Canadian Border Service Agency, through N8 using a CAV.


What is a CAV? How do they work?


Customs Acquisition Voucher's (CAV 101 Forms) are used to obtain permission to purchase duty free commodities such as spirits, wine, liquor, beer, coolers and tobacco products. The CAV 101 is submitted to N8, 21 days prior to sailing. Orders are to not to exceed 3 months, however if the Ship is deploying for longer than 3 months special consideration can be given up to 4 months of stock.


What is the process for a Spirits Issue? Is this paid through public or non-public funds?

A briefing note from the CO to CANFLTPAC explaining the reason for the issue is required. The spirit issue is paid using public funds and sold at cost.


What are the Ship's Duty Free entitlements?
What are individual Duty Free entitlements?


Ship: - 60 cans beer /pers
- 100oz / officer (spirits) - 100oz / officer (liqueurs)
- 80oz / chief (spirits) - 50oz / Chief (liqueurs)
- 60oz / MSB (spirits) - 30oz / MSB (liqueurs)

Individual: (after 48 hours)
- 24 beers
- 1.1L Spirits
- 1.14L Wines/Liqueurs
- $200 stuff for 24hrs, $800 stuff for 48hrs/>


How does the consolidated insurance program work?

AFN 105
There is a $500 deductible. If there is $500 or more in damage a claim would be done after an investigation is completed.
$500 is paid to CFCF. The amount lost is entered into a suspense account. Once claim is settled new stock is ordered.