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What are the Logistics Department functions and responsibilities?

Materiel management and procurement, public and non-public funds, personnel administration, resource management, pay and benefits, laundry, non-public retail services, accommodations Officer, food services, transport and movements coordination, postal services, casualty clearing, CCO.


What is Operation Honour?

OpOrder and 4 FragO DAOD 5019, 5012, Code of Service Discipline
Is the CAFs mission to eliminate harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour.


What help can you offer a member that has been sexually assaulted?

DAOD 5019, 5012, OpO, 4 FragO, Code of Service Discipline

Victim defines the harm. Report any violation to your CoC. Be a good listener, avoid being judgemental, show interest in what they are saying and ask if you can help. Support services: the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre, a local chaplain, health care provider, the CAF Members Assistance Program, CAF Mental Health Services, the chain of command, military or civilian policing authorities, other community resources.

CO reports HISB via an SIR message and reports to fleet monthly. L1s To Report Monthly directly to CDS.


What does the Logistics Department on a FFH look like?

LogO- 1 (Lt(N))
A/LogO- 1-2 (A/SLt-Lt(N))
Departmental Coordinator-1 (CPO2)
Stewards- 8 (PO1, PO2, MS, 5 OS-LS)
Cooks- 8 (PO1, PO2, MS, 5 OS-LS)
Supply- 8 (PO1, PO2, MS, 5 OS-LS)
RMS Clerks- 5 (PO1, PO2, 5 OS-MS)


What are F4 Log roles?

Logistical support and guidance to the fleet for: operations, supply, resource management, administration, personnel services and financial services.


What are N4 Log roles?

Policy and planning oversight for supply, food services policies, SAV/SIV, MOC Advisor, Official Hospitality and logistics training.


What are N8 Log roles?

Public and non-public funds policies, WCF management, Formation capability plan, fuel and in year budget.


What are BLOG roles?

Oversight on: materiel, distribution, procurement, contracting, TEME.


Unit relationship with levels.

L1- RCN, Army, Airforce, ADM, CJOC
L3- CFP (Cmdre)
L4- HMC Ship (Cdr)


What does the Contamination Control Organization do?

Monitor, record and control CBRN contamination; control cleansing stations, as well as, survey and decontamination teams.


What does the Contamination Control Organization look like?

Contamination Control Officer- LogO, coordinates and controls evolution.
Assisting Contamination Control Officer- CPO2, assists in coordination and controlling the evolution.
Comms/Plotter- plots and communicates with HQ1.
Survey Team- Conduct CBRN surveys in/out of the citadel.
Decontamination Team- Decontaminates areas as ordered.


What is the CBRN survival rule?

CFCD 516

Artillery/Air attack
Unusual bombshells
Effects on the body

If these are felt/ senses bring the ship to emergency stations yelling gas, gas, gas.


What is command, control and charge?


Command-The authority vested in the CO for the direction, coordination, and control of the ship and her company.

Control- Responsibility vested in CO to give direction and orders to OOW

Charge- Responsibility vested in CO for proper and safe movements and operation of the ship and her company.


What is the Spectrum of sexualized behaviour?

OP Honour website

Appropriate >Sexualized behaviours >Sexual Harassment >Sexual Misconduct

Green >Yellow >Orange >Red