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What are the principles of Shipboard feeding?

Best meals possible within current conditions; relieve boredom and tension with long voyages and routine; respond with appropriate meals for emergency/operational situations.


What is the cyclical menu? What are the advantages?

The Sr Cook plans a 3-4 week cycle consisting of quality, all inclusive meals where the average cost falls within the standard meal allowance.
The cyclical menu reduces repetition, permits sailors to plan weekly meal choices, eases purchasing, production and scheduling.


What is the basic food cost?

It is the standard for cost of 1 meal-day. $12.34, 6% increase while at sea.


What is the purpose of the rations entitlement advise voucher?

The REAV is done daily by the Coxswain, which confirms the ration entitlement to draw food.


Can you draw rations if the Ship is in refit?



What is the difference between DRMIS and UNITRAK?

FSM Chap 4

DRMIS is an accounting system used to budget and report revenues and expenses. DRMIS does not determine how effective food services are functioning. (Buzzword= Financial System of Record)
UNITRAK allows the user to evaluate the efficiency at which the rations are being used in the galley. (Buzzword = Performance Measurement Tool)


How are rations written off?

The PA must certify the type and quantity of food deemed unfit for consumption. The food should be segregated and clearly marked. If possible, make arrangements for the supplier to pick up and replace or credit. If not a supplier issue the food shall be recorded on a CF 1009 (running, monthly) and CF 152 along with the PAs audit. The LogO recommends and approved by the CO. This is then entered in UNITRAK to credit the Galley expenditure account.


What is action messing?

Action messing is used during long periods in a high degree of readiness. A rotation of 25% of the ship's personnel will cycle through the main cafeteria. In some tactical situations feeding personnel at their battle stations may be required.


What is the allowable variance above/below budget? What could be the reason for this?

FSM Chapter 14

Poor REAV mgmnt
Meal tickets not purchased
Portion control
Expensive food


What are the 2 meal allowances?

6% for at sea
5% for between meal allowance


What goes in the food service report?

Issue Voucher Report
Ship Activity Report
Catering Sheet
Temperature Checks


Do we have to accommodate for religious meals?

FSM Ch 6
Yes, we need to make a reasonable effort to accommodate, as long as it doesn’t cause undue hardship on the crew.